A Guardian announcement


After 45 years of "printing the news and raising hell" -- and contributing significantly to the cultural and political vibrancy of the Bay Area -- Bay Guardian co-publishers Bruce Brugmann and Jean Dibble are stepping down from day-to-day operations at the paper.

Under their leadership, the paper – which started in 1966 as a 12-page “fortnightly journal of news, analysis and opinion” – has grown to be one of the premier alternative newsweeklies in the nation and an undeniable part of San Francisco.

This transition is connected to ongoing exclusive negotiations with a subsidiary of The SF Newspaper Company LLC to purchase all assets related to the the Guardian publishing operations. SFN also owns and publishes the San Francisco Examiner. Both parties are optimistic that a final contract will be signed shortly, most likely in May.

There are no plans to change the editorial content or positions of the Guardian, which will remain the voice of progressive politics and alternative culture in San Francisco. Executive Editor Tim Redmond will stay on in the expanded role of executive editor and publisher.

Bruce and Jean will remain involved in the paper in a consulting role. The famous “Bruce Blog” will continue uninterrupted.

Todd Vogt, president and publisher of the Examiner, said he was proud to be able to help a community institution continue with its mission. “Bruce and Jean have created a legendary publication, and we are happy to be able to give it a new home and the chance to continue its mission.” He said that the two papers will remain separate and distinct in most ways, although “the potential synergies will be beneficial to readers and advertisers.”

SFN bought the Examiner in December, 2011.

Redmond said: “Todd Vogt is a San Francisco resident who believes in and cares about newspapers, and we’re thrilled to be working with him to preserve and build on the Guardian’s legacy.”


Don't expect anything from the person you're responding to for he or she is so uninformed about local media, he or she was clueless and ignorant about the sale of The Ex from Phil Anschutz last November. But the gloating of these BG haters is funny - the anger I mean - they finally get something to cheer about for one day in their sad pathetic lives.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 26, 2012 @ 1:40 am

What spin! Bruce, Jean & Tim sell out to a Canadian after years of railing against out-of-town ownership. Everything they claimed to have stood for is just a bunch of hooey. They could have looked to other independent local publishers ... but noooo. They went the self interest way, the corporate way. So much for principles. So much for championing the community. So much for independence. So much for telling the truth.

Posted by Complete Hypocrisy on Apr. 25, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

Mr. Complete Ignorance, did it ever occur to you that all these "independent local publishers" who were going to buy the BG are a figment of your limited imagination??? Of course not, that's why you're really "Mr. Complete Ignorance."

Since you're the expert on "independent local publishers" who had an interest in buying the BG and had the $ to buy it, can you list, oh I don't know, let's say .... one??? If you can't list one, then you've earned your name, Mr. Complete Ignorance, and you should wear it proudly.

Loud and brash with the big authoritive voice, shouting out against the BG folks in no doubt a tough hour for them with your big accusations - "SELL OUTS!!!"

Damn what a fool you are. Do you think for a second they would have done this if they weren't hurting financially??? Huh Einstein???

Guess you haven't heard anything about newspapers having problems making it since the internet came on the scene. Guess the reporters they've had to let go in recent years that no doubt they would have loved to keep didn't register with that sponge brain of yours. Yeah, wear your Mr. Complete Ignorance badge proudly because you've earned it fool.

Thanks Tim, Bruce, Jean, Steve and anyone else who deserves thanks there and to your former great reporters for making SF a much better place because of your presence. Yeah it's sad that even at this time you get a majority of fools here like this fool who can only gloat at your situation but ignore them. There's many who really respect you and thank you for what you did every week. Hopefully it will continue in a similar way but, for now, let me just say thanks for trying hard every week for 45 years. I wish you all well.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 26, 2012 @ 1:33 am

It is not a forgone conclusion that the Bay Guardian is going to simply blow away in the wind, like so many copies of the Sunday Examiner. When new owners come in - at what ever organization or company you're at - you have a choice to leave if you don't think you can work with them. I am assuming that Tim Redmond is staying because he has some idea of how he will negotiate this change and continue giving voice to the progressive community. That said, I can only hope the new owners "wreck the brand," (you know, the windmill tilting, broken record brand), it can only help insure the BGs long term future. It's Tim show now, and I hope he can make it work.

I've read the SFBG since I moved up here from L.A. in 78, and at times it's been simpy unreadable - a shopper wrapped in stale, droning blather. At other times (not often enough) it's lived up to its promise as a truly alternate voice and a source of local news. I hope that with this purchase, the resources are available to do more of the latter. And maybe Ken Garcia and Tim Redmond could have a point-counter point segment online or a cage match or something.

Posted by phil on Apr. 26, 2012 @ 7:53 am

That this rag closes down within the year. Hooray!

Posted by Triangle on Apr. 26, 2012 @ 11:52 am

This is great news ! The hypocritical old union-buster is selling out just as he has been for forty five years to the Demo Party hacks endorsing every Clinton and Russo that came down the pike. The BG employees were treated like garbage and there was Little Boy Tim to rationalize every contemptible action by BB and JD.
All the asinine crusades against new development, the PG&E obsession, every bad Left statist cause from gun control to socialized medicine to government housing
and the insane proposition that we shouldn't oppose sitting Judges so they can become even more unaccountable tyrants !
I haven't physically read the SFBG for over four years now and long since stopped reading the lunatics at the Berzerkeley Daily Planet and the lib yup pups at the East Bay Express.
Now so-called pwogs have bought the Examiner like we need another braindead pwog organ here !
One more Big Bruce to go up at the AVA in Boonville and I think that buffoon is reaching the end of his tether.
Mike Sweeney, let's bring out the Dom Perignon !

Posted by Marcy Fleming on May. 04, 2012 @ 10:44 am

I was surprised by the Guardian endorsements in the recent election.
Nancy pelosi and Dianne Feinstein!! I was appalled and surprised.
Then just now, I dimly remember reading last year a hint of the Guardian being sold but
when I looked for information online I saw just a denial.
No denial now, I see. And the influence of Guardian endorsements are probably a boon for the purchase. Under the lengthy presence of both Pelosi and Feinstein in Congress, the US has been destroyed; well over 50,000 factories have been packed up and shipped mostly to Communist China. Israeli interests are the dominant preoccupation of our Israeli-first federal government leadership.

There is no alternative print news media in the Bay area now. Everything is now overtly Zionist agenda and pretend politics and added to that is persuading the readership to accept regressive taxes and vote for them!! and spare the Judaic Billionaires as it is just too much trouble to get any money out of them for taxes; yet the Billionaire propositions are becoming a mainstay of the fake elections.
The internet is still a godsend though one must be hungry for more truthful information to
find it and the censorship apparatus is surely getting more sophisticated, yet never acknowledged. Look for information on US/Israeli internet censorship and Communist China comes up.

Posted by Guest Jim on Nov. 08, 2012 @ 1:42 am

I've been wondering since the start of the newspaper decline (around time MySpace then FaceBook took off as vanity is always easier to market than curiosity or a truly Peoples' Intelligence Agency) why organized Labor hasn't created a viable new political party, which first would require acquisition of broadcast frequency, daily newspaper or national periodical. There will never be a Labor section to offset the Business section and perspectives of a maximizing profits corporate advertiser-driven media outlet. That goes for the corporate underwriters who sponsor NPR, as you may have noticed the plethora of MARKETPLACE PROGRAMS without any need to balance with a LABOR program.

The irony here is that as a former member of the Newspaper Guild for employees of the SF Newspaper Agency (the old Joint Operating Agreement between the Hearst-owned Ex and the DeYoung-owned Chron) and as non-paid supporter of community radio at KPFA and KALW, the lack of discussion over Bruggman & Dibble's Pa-Ma weekly the Bay Guardian's history of trying to break the Newspaper Guild and steadfastly refusing to allow its staff to form any union while making a big show of endorsing Labor-friendly candidates and issues made me feel I was living among highly educated and engaged Pod People (now Ipod people).

The real pity is that a Labor Party that can resist morphing into a neo-liberal economics-serving party (a la the purges that Tony Blair led of the UK Labor Party and that a hunger for other people's land and cheap captive labor force led to Israel's Histadrut Party morphing into the sponsor of a national single payer health plan into yet another permanent war-economy and neo-lib economic policy beast)
could go farther than the fractured and 3 year hibernating Green Party towards offering a representative third party (and perhaps sponsor of single payer health care, a wise Histadrut legacy the Democratic Party could've availed itself of before turning to ObamaCare for the benefit of the big 5 national health insurer).

I believe Tim Redmond and many other staffers tried to suck up the contradictions of working for feudal lords Bruggman and Dibble. Why make perfection the enemy of improvement, and the Bay Guardian did in its rigid cookie-cutter column-inch count and format give voice to some of our communities' voiceless. Labor (without the
Big Labor NAFTA and tariff removing collaborators) needs to buy its way into national media and run a more balanced and fair news and analysis source than anything currently in biz. As a non-profit, so maximizing profits won't dilute the coverage.

Posted by Guest Mitchito on Jan. 10, 2013 @ 12:23 am