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Mormons against same-sex marriage


Did you know that Mormon religious groups are claiming to have donated a full 35 percent of the money to repeal same-sex marriage this November?

As Julia Rosen writes on Calitics:

Look, I don't have anything specific against Mormons. It's just that when a specific religious institution decides to play a large role in a political battle, it weirds me out. Separation of chuch and state....

Greg Dewar -- PG&E's sock puppet


By Steven T. Jones

For the past few years, I and many other local progressive voices have been targeted by nasty online attacks from Greg Dewar (who runs a couple of local blogs and trolls the rest, usually commenting as just "greg"), who always pretends to care about progressive causes, the Bay Guardian's credibility, and whether due deference is being paid to SF natives like him. Read more »

Lipstick on a Palin: SNL, Fox News, and Youtube


My lovely and extremely talented significant other missed the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin tour de force this past weekend on Saturday Night Live. So she did what millions of other young Americans have done: she went to You Tube to check it out. But there was a problem, which she shared with me this morning. Read more »

Connecting the Attacks


Photos and text by Sarah Phelan.

Unjust immigration laws destroy families and harm workplaces, said protesters at today's anti ICE rally at City Hall.

If you are part of San Francisco’s immigrant and/or transgendered community, chances are you’ve figured out that a three-pronged attack on the protections that this City offers is in full swing.

If you are not, then today’s rally at City Hall helped people connect the dots.

1. ICE raids have intensified. Read more »

A Prop. M for housing


Editors note: This is something I have supported and written about in detail. Marc makes the case nicely -- T.R.

By Marc Salomon
San Francisco's future as a creative and diverse progressive beacon is at risk due to the Planning Department's Eastern Neighborhoods plan. Read more »

Peter Camejo: 1939-2008


Peter Camejo, one of the nation's leading progressive voices, died Saturday at the age of 68. Read more »

Lotsa press on Prop. H


The SF Weekly is usually against anything we're supporting (they love to bash the left over there, and particularly like to bash us), but to my astonishment, along with his typical snide comments, Benjamin Wachs actually has some intelligent comments on the Clean Energy Act:

The city has the right -even the duty- to plan responsibly for its future, and then follow-up. Prop H shouldn't even need to be on the ballot, it should be standard practice. Read more »

Sarah Palin kills wolves



My nine-year-old son and I just finished reading Jack London's White Fang together, so I'm particularly vulnerable to stories about wolves, and this ad is especially grisly If you want to help De Read more »

PG&E desperate, so desperate to keep Marin customers


by Amanda Witherell

PG&E is so desperate to stave off any threat of public power they'll proffer a 100 percent renewable energy pilot program to Marin county. And all we get is a bunch of Asian kids paid off by PG&E to spread No on H propaganda. Where's the love? Read more »

The return of Sunday Streets


cic 2.jpg

By Steven T. Jones

San Francisco's usable open space will increase significantly for a few hours this Sunday as dangerous, polluting automobiles give way to bicyclists, pedestrians, dancers, roller skaters, frolicking children, and all manner of people-powered people. Read more »