Reading Ed Lee's mind


Political reporters love to believe we can read politician's minds; it makes us feel important. (And Lord knows, these days we need something to make us feel important.) So let me go way out on a limb here and tell you what Mayor Lee is thinking right now:

1. Gotta minimize Prop. B. It was an aberration, a bunch of rich Nimbys from Telegraph Hill, nothing more to see here. Certainly not a public referendum on my Rec-Park director, Phil Ginsburg, and his efforts to make money by renting out city parks for private events. No no no, just ignore it and maybe it will go away.

2. We won back the Democratic Party. Good move to take a page from Aaron Peskin's book and run a bunch of elected officials and former elected officials with high name recognition in a low-turnout election. Bevan Dufty, who happens to work for me, would make an excellent chair; should be easy to make that happen.

3. What if we look at the DCCC race in the 17th District as a first-pass primary for the 2014 Assembly seat when Tom Ammiano -- who's just way too independent and won't get with my program -- is termed out? Hmmm ... David Chiu, who I can mostly deal with, is in first place -- but John Avalos and David Campos are more popular than my pal Scott Wiener. And if the progressives get behind Campos, he'll be tough to beat. Hmmm....

4. That oddball Michael Breyer ran for Assembly pretending he was me. He even put out a mailer with my mustache on the front suggesting that he'll be just like I am (except that he's white and has no experience and no credible program and isn't going to win). But he got a lot of votes with the Ed Lee card and I could totally control him. Can't support him over Phil Ting, of course, but maybe I can get him some help behind the scenes.

5. This was an unusual election with radically low turnout. I know I can't read too much into it. If the DCCC were on the ballot in November, or if there were a real presidential primary to bring people out to vote, the results would be very different. But still: All that new housing for rich people that my mentor Willie Brown and my friend Gavin Newsom got started seems to be having an impact. The city's getting more conservative. Let's just keep that one going and I'm home free.

6. What's up with Lincecum? Damn those Padres.

Nah -- the mayor's too nice a guy to be thinking like that. Right?