Tobacco money showing its power


The tobacco companies spent very, very heavily in Southern California to defeat Prop. 29, and as more results come in, it's clear that the tens of millions of dollars worth of misleading TV ads had an impact. The numbers are now very, very close. With 15 percent of the vote in, it's 50.3 Yes, 49.7 No. Still mostly conservative areas; LA and San Francisco aren't in the mix yet, and only half of Sacramento's been counted. Still: This is way, way closer than I thought it would be.


Well, the results are in: the tobacco companies won. Proposition 29 would have generated about $700 million a year in new tax revenues, which might be barely enough to match the cost of advertising and promotional messages the tobacco companies spent on lobbying. If all these millions of dollars had been given to funding cancer research and smoke reduction programs, they might already be on their way to finding a cure or a solution to addiction!

Posted by Gabriel Macy on Dec. 03, 2012 @ 11:47 pm