Maybe I should move to France


I know that would make some of my happy trolls even happier. But then I'd have to learn French. And I don't know if the bars in Paris have Bud Light.

But when you look at the agenda of the new French government, it's pretty much what a lot of us, including a lot of non-Socialists, have been advocating for the United States: Tax the rich, end tax breaks for banks and oil companies, hire a lot of new teachers, invest in youth and the future, don't get your pants in a wad about short-term deficits, legalize same-sex marriage ... damn. They've got it all.

Or rather, Fichu. Ils l'ont obtenu tous.

Did I get that right?

Of course, the critics are terrified about the same things they all seem terrified about whenever anyone in San Francisco talks about local taxes on the wealthy: OMG! The rich will all leave town and go live in Fresno! See:

The pledges have prompted fears of an exodus of wealthy footballers and pop stars to lands beyond the French border.

I suppose. But I suspect a lot of wealthy Parisians will stay Parisians even if their taxes go up. They live there for a reason, as do San Franciscans, and Californians. What, you're going to play football in France and live in Antwerp? That's not going to go over too well.

So this will be a fine experiment here. If France doesn't collapse and Paris doesn't empty out and the world doesn't end, maybe we'll all learn a lesson. Oui?