Putting 8 Washington on the ballot


The fall ballot's going to be crowded -- and one of the issues that may face a vote is the future of the 8 Washington condo complex, the waterfront multi-zillionaire housing that the city doesn't need.

Opponents of the project have filed for a referendum on the Board of Supervisors approval, and they're meeing Satruday June 23 at 15 Columbus at 10am to start the process of gathering signatures. It's not easy -- they need 28,000 signatures in 28 days, and this, I suspect, isn't going to be one of those money-heavy deals with a lot of paid gatherers.

Former City Attorney Louise Renne will be there to lead off the festivities.

Me, I'd love to see this on the ballot in a high-turnout year when six supervisorial seats are up. Because it's a great issue to discuss: Who is San Francisco building housing for, and why?

Is it ok that more than 80 percent of the people who work in San Francisco can't afford to buy or rent a median-priced home? Is it ok that virtually all of the new housing getting constructed is out of reach to virtually all of the people who work here?

Is that in any way sustainable?


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