Chow withdraws from D11 race after residency questioned

Labor organizer Leon Chow, who took part in a June 20 rally against medical marijuana, pulled out of the D11 race.
Steven T. Jones

Sup. John Avalos appears to be cruising to an uncontested reelection now that Leon Chow, an organizer and executive with SEIU-UHW, has been chased out of the District 11 supervisorial race by journalist Chris Roberts, the SF Appeal, and their reporting on what appears to be Chow's false claims that he lived in the district.

Chow had been banking on support from his union and the district's substantial Chinese immigrant population, which he had been helping rally against new medical cannabis dispensaries that the city had approved for the Outer Mission/Excelsior area, presenting Avalos with a challenge that needed to be taken seriously.

But Roberts dropped a journalistic bomb on Chow's ambitions a couple weeks ago when he unearthed documents indicating that Chow actually lived in Walnut Creek and that he was registered to vote at Chinatown business address – both in violation of election law – doing the solid reporting that journalists failed to do when Ed Jew was elected to the District 4 seat without living there. It wasn't until Jew was caught in an FBI bribery sting that journalists dug into the background of a politician who had flown into office largely under the press's radar.

As the Appeal reported this afternoon, Chow sent this email to the Elections Department: "Since I have not filed for Candidacy, I am notifying your department simply with this email, please let me know if there is any other process I will need to do. Please kindly remove my names [sic] from the Potential Local Candidate List in the department web site."

Although it made no mention of Roberts' story – which hadn't gotten much journalistic traction yet, although that was bound to happen as the campaign wore on – the connection seems obvious. So, congratulations to Roberts … and to Avalos.


Lets hope that Chris Daly doesn't sell his below market rate condo to move to Avalos's district! Whew, thank YHWH. Something he (man child Daly) threatened to do in other parts of the city.

SF dodged a bullet there.

Posted by matlock on Jul. 25, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

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Just a reflex, huh matty? Just have a compulsion to answer a story uncovering a right wing Asian carpetbagger -- *another* right wing Asian carpettbagger -- with a reference to a BOGUS story about Daly which you righties bring up constantly.

Yes. You are a "moderate" -- that's why you genuflect rightward at every cue.

It must suck that you realize that Avalos will not have the pressure you all foresaw him suffering under vis-a-vis the Mirkarimi case. Yes, it must really suck for you.

Posted by lillipublicans on Jul. 25, 2012 @ 9:58 pm

"One of San Francisco’s most notorious political firebrands could shake up City Hall this year if he tries to return to the Board of Supervisors, and he might not be alone.

Chris Daly — along with ex-supervisors Aaron Peskin and Tony Hall — is rumored to be considering another run.

He has said he will seek District 5 if Mayor Ed Lee fails to appoint a progressive to the seat being vacated Sunday by Sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi. Lee is expected to announce his pick this week.

Daly, who was termed out of office last year, said he would run if there is no “homegrown” progressive candidate able to fight for the seat in November to represent the Fillmore and Western Addition neighborhoods. He would have to move into the district to be eligible — he currently lives in District 6, which he used to represent."

And yet many if not most progressives in "leadership" in SF are carpet baggers. Mirkirimi, Chicago. Daly Maryland, Avalos, LA. Campos, LA and all points south. Tim Redmons, elsewhere. Steve Jones, elsewhere. Matt Gonzalez, Texas. You, our self appointed genius are from?

San Francisco is an accepting place, it lets assholes move here and try and tell the locals how to live for their own good.

... and what does the race of the person involved have to do with it all? More race obsessed idiocy from the self appointed deep thinker.

Posted by matlock on Jul. 25, 2012 @ 10:44 pm

The so-called "progressives" - with the exception of Sup. Olague - along with the non-progressives, showed where they stand when it comes to our GG Park.

Doing the bidding of the late Republican rightwing billionaire and big financial supporter of George W. Bush, the "progressive" supes such as MAR, AVALOS, CAMPOS, KIM, CHIU and the rest of the supes (Weiner, Farrell, Elsbernd, Chu, Cohen) showed they're more interested in being representatives of the seemingly-corrupt Rec & Park GM Phil Ginsberg than their own constituents. (Ginsberg must have pics or something - MF'er seemingly owns these dummies.)

Even though replacing the natural grass and soil in 10 acres (10 FUCKING ACRES!!!) in the Beach Chalet soccer fields grass area in GOLDEN GATE PARK with PLASTIC DEAD ARTIFICIAL TURF and a MILLION LBS OF TINY TOXIC TIRE PARTICLES is BLATANTLY against the GG Park Master Plan, these dummy supes ("progressives" - yeah right - and the rest) had no problem kissing Ginsberg's ass just like the Planning Commission and Rec & Park Commission did.

PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THE PRESENT SUPES (with the exception of Sup. Olague) if any of them are running for re-election in your district. All of them (except Olague) stood with the late rightwing Republican Don Fisher in helping to, in effect, remove 10 acres of natural grass and soil from YOUR GG Park.

If we don't work hard to remove such supes, we are rewarding them for working to destroy our GG Park. That is what happens when you have supes that have no emotional ties to important landmarks in our City such as GG Park - IT MEANS NOTHING TO THEM.

Screw them. Please work as hard as you can to DEFEAT Mar, Weiner, Kim, Farrell, Avalos, Chiu, Cohen, Campos - don't reward them for removing 10 acres of your GG Park by ever voting again for any of these bums. In ranked-choice voting, do not list any of these bums in any of the top 3 spots.

When "our" supes work to ruin our great GG Park, it is vitally important we END their political career. Maybe one of those bums can go work for an artificial turf company or a co selling the toxic tire particles that they placed in GG Park.

It's time these frauds get out of San Francisco before they do any more damage to our city.

For the record, I am a strong progressive and made the mistake of voting for one of these fraud "progressives" - a "progressive" I will work hard to make sure he doesn't win a second term this November. Any supe who does the bidding of the late rightwing Republican Don Fisher like those 10 supes did is a person I want DEFEATED as soon as possible. And if any of them run for the state legislature or anything else, I will work hard to make sure they don't win.

Posted by Guest on Jul. 25, 2012 @ 11:46 pm

The grain-size tire particles - of which about a million lbs of it - will go in GG Park at Beach Chalet soccer fields also contain cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ("PAHs") thx to the ten supes who were more concerned about representing the late rightwing Republican Don Fisher's heirs ("City Fields Foundation") and (Rec & Park GM) Phil Ginsberg than the ppl of San Francisco and their own constituents in each district.

Now this story comes out today that roofers touching (not breathing, just touching) roofing material are taking in PAHs and increasing their risks of getting cancer - the same PAHs that the tire particles contain.

Thx supes for polluting GG Park with 1 million lbs of cancer-causing material at the big (presently) grass field at Beach Chalet soccer fields!!!

People PLEASE do ALL YOU CAN to BOOT FROM OFFICE the following ten supes that okayed this massive pollution of GG Park and are up up for re-election either this year or in 2 years:


Only Sup. Olague voted against the fraudulent EIR for the Beach Chalet soccer fields in GG Park that was orchestrated by Phil Ginsberg. Get the above FRAUDS out of office ASAP!

Here's the story that just came out today about how bad these PAHs in tire particles and roofing material are:

DNA damage in roofers due to PAH exposure – possible cancer link

July 26, 2012 By Garth Sundem

Roofers and road construction workers who use hot asphalt are exposed to high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published this week in the British Medical Journal Open shows that roofers have higher PAH blood-levels after a shift than before and that these high levels of PAHs are linked with increased rates of DNA damage, and potentially with higher cancer risk.

“We’ve known for some time that roofers and road workers have higher cancer rates than the general population, but we also know roofers have a higher rates of smoking, alcohol use and higher UV exposure than the general population, and so it’s been difficult to pinpoint the cause of higher cancer rates – is it due to higher PAHs or is it due to lifestyle and other risk factors?” says Berrin Serdar, MD, PhD, investigator at the CU Cancer Center and assistant professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Colorado School of Public Health.

Her study, completed with colleagues at the University of Miami, studied 19 roofers from four work sites in Miami-Dade County. Participants’ urine samples, provided before and after a 6-hour shift, showed that after acute exposure to hot asphalt, PAH biomarkers were elevated. Overall, biomarkers of PAH exposure and oxidative DNA damage (8-OHdG) were highest among workers who didn’t use protective gloves and workers who also reported work related skin burns, pointing to the role of PAH absorption through skin.

“PAHs are a complex mixture of chemicals some of which are known human carcinogens. They are produced by incomplete combustion of organic materials and exist in tobacco smoke, engine exhaust, or can come from environmental sources like forest fires, but the highest exposure is among occupational groups, for example coke oven workers or workers who use hot asphalt,” Serdar says.

“We can’t say with certainty that exposure to hot asphalt causes roofers’ increased cancer rate,” Serdar says, “but that possibility is becoming increasingly likely. Hot asphalt leads to PAH exposure, leads to higher PAH biomarkers, leads to increased DNA damage – we hope to further explore the final link between DNA damage due to PAH exposure and higher cancer rates in this population.”

Serdar and colleagues at the CU Cancer Center have initiated a wider study of roofers in the Denver metropolitan area. This study will simultaneously investigate air, blood, and urine levels of PAHs and their link to DNA damage in samples collected over a workweek.

Posted by Guest on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 10:44 am

and move on? Just a thought...

Posted by Troll II on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 12:38 pm

I'll give you this - you've picked a name for yourself that's honest. Too bad you never post anything worth reading (as this post showed).

Posted by Guest on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 7:02 pm

OK, then try this, you area fucking RETARDED FUCKING MORON, do you see I said fucking TWICE

Posted by Fly on the wall on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 10:11 pm

So what is it - new at this English thing or just stupid or both? Or are you just trying to be ironic by writing like a moron?

Posted by Guest on Jul. 27, 2012 @ 12:10 am

The story you cite is from *January* of this year, meaning it appeared in the pre-sale right-wing dishrag version of the Examiner -- must have been your favorite read since it was unabashedly to the right of the other rightist paper in town.

But that's not all.

No, The story you cite does not remain honest even to the facts presented *within* itself. (Hmmm.. this is a familiar trait which I remember seeing often in the Chronicle before having decided to avoid casting my eyes upon such a reliably tripe-riven source whenever possible; i.e. basically never.)

The story does indeed contain the incompetent first three paragraphs you cite, but later:

"Daly, who was termed out of office last year, said he would run if there is no “homegrown” progressive candidate able to fight for the seat in November to represent the Fillmore and Western Addition neighborhoods. He would have to move into the district to be eligible — he currently lives in District 6, which he used to represent."

How does that compare to the paragraph you cite Matlock? What, did you get tired of reading? Do you suffer from the typical rightist endorphin thing when the first part of a story -- always the way! -- seems to be supporting your preconceptions?

But really Matlock, it isn't about that which is so much surface manure which you righties are so adept at scattering (like claiming to be moderates) but the real point is that you brought up Chris Daly who is regularly -- and falsely -- described as living outside his district when he was supervisor.

Posted by lillipublicans on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 8:58 am

Didn't even bother to finish your genius post.

Posted by matlock on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 5:35 pm

the frequency of a commenter's use of the term "lol" and his/her lack of knowledge.

*unless someone else said it first, which is highly likely.

Posted by lillipublicans on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 8:33 am

lilli, give the cooties thing a rest, okay?

Posted by marcos on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 8:43 am

What's with Chinese politicians and lying? I realize that the Chinese community has been conditioned to never question their leaders, but these politicians act as if SF is 100% Asian and that no one is ever going to investigate their fraudulent assertions.

Posted by Snoozers on Jul. 26, 2012 @ 9:54 pm