Big week ahead as City College classes start

William Walker, front, and other City College students and families tell the Board of Supervisors about it's importance July 31

Classes at City College of San Francisco start for the fall on August 15. That makes this a big week for the coalition of students, staff, and community working on its future. 

As the college welcomes students back, this coalition will set up on the Ocean campus in Ram Plaza and at the Valencia entrance of the Mission Campus. With litterature from community groups, music and speakers, they hope to let incoming students get the chance to learn about the efforts to save the college- making sure it continues to exist, as well as maintaining its academic standards, accessibility, and other core values. The celebration will include music and speakers.

There’s also plenty happening before Wednesday. Today, a student organizing meeting will take place at the student union at the CCSF Ocean Campus. Then, at 6pm, CCSF will be the focus of the weekly Occupy Forum, an open space to discuss issues of importance to the occupy movement. William Walker, CCSF student trustee, will speak at this week’s forum, called “Education Under Attack: Austerity, Privatization and Profit.”

On Tuesday, the CCSF Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at CCSF’s Ocean Campus. They are scheduled to discuss the progress of the working groups that have been set up to work towards meeting accreditation requirements. The meeting is public, and stakeholders and community members will definitely be making an appearance. The meeting is at 4pm in multi-use building room 140.

“There are a lot of people that have opinions on how we need to move forward,” said Walker. “It’s the job of students to come together to figure out what austerity is actually going to mean for city college, and what our must-have demands.”

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