City College has too many teachers. Damn.


So the state auditors have determined that City College is in serious financial trouble, which we knew, and has ascertained the reason: There are too many teachers, and they get paid too well.

Damn. That sounds like a terrible situation. Too many teachers! Horrors! Let's fire some of them today!

Seriously: I know the district has problems, and I know that a lot of people inside the district feel that department heads have too much power, and there's an awful lot of political patronage going around. It's been a nightmare for more than a decade, with too many incompetent and corrupt people controlling the College Board, protecting their allies in administration, and treating the place as a personal fiefdom.

I think things have gotten a little better since the ascension of a more progressive majority on the board and the departure of Chancellor Phil Day and his crooked crew, but it's still a mess.

But isn't it a sad statement on San Francisco, and California, and the United States today that an auditor could look at a college that serves working-class and poor kids, immigrants, people who need jobs skills, and a broad, diverse community and say: You  have too many teachers? Isn't is sad that the auditors, in a city that has about the highest cost of living in the Western United States, think teachers -- teachers -- are getting paid too much money?

Makes you want to throw up.

Yeah, let's get the City College house in order, and recognize that expenses have to meet revenues, and make the tough decisions. But along the way, let's ask ourselves: Is this what we really want?