Obama choked. Big time.

Dude, you got off easy

I realize Romney lied, over and over. I realize that the Democrats are trying to point that out, and the president is trying to spin his way out of it. And some people actually think Obama "won" the debate. But debates are about image as well as substance, about appearing confident and presidential -- and speaking in a way that reaches the average undecided voter. That means using stories and simplifying things and delivering information in an understandable, linear way. Romney did that, beautifully. Obama did not.

I kept trying to find reasons to think Obama was doing well, but after an hour or so it was like watching a bad boxing match where one of the fighters is so punch drunk you with the ref would just step in and end it. And that's scary -- Romney is a dangerous candidate whose vision for the nation is as bad as GW Bush. Our guy needs to do a little better here.

And the killer is, he could have done it so easily:

Obama let him sail through 90 minutes with no mention of General Motors, choice, the 47%, union rights, dumping patients in the emergency room, the phony $716 million cut in Medicare, privatizing Social Security, Paul Ryan’s budget, Bain — you name it.

It's disturbing -- Obama can be such an inspiring speaker.I don't think he lost the election last night -- nothing that dramatic happened. But he could have pretty much clinched the victory if he'd been on his game.

And next time, can we have a real moderator who doesn't let Romney stomp on him like last year's grapes?



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