The Clear and Present Danger to Prop. 30 (and all of us)

Jerry's plan is slipping in the polls

This is suddenly getting serious, very serious. A secretive super PCA out of Arizona, where all bad things seem to originate, just put $11 million into a No on 30/Yes on 32 operation, and while it's likely not enough to pass 32, which is trailing pretty far behind in the polls -- and might actually benefit from news that a group allegedly pushing for campaign transparency is living off shadowy money, the money's already hurting 30.

Let us remember: If Prop. 30 goes down, the state goes off a fiscal cliff. Schools get his with cuts so brutal that the school year my have to be cut by a couple of weeks or more. The University of California and California State University systems will cease to function in anything remotely resembling their current state, which is already a disaster. Cities and counties will get hit, social services will suffer, more parks will close -- it's almost too awful to think about.

I didn't write Prop. 30; I would have left out the sales tax and hiked the rate even more on the wealthiest. But it's a compromise deal, and it's not only good for the state it's absolutely essential. And the Big Boys out of the state of Joe Arpaio are trying to undermine it.

Add that in to Molly Munger's unconscionable efforts to take down Prop. 30 (at this point, it seems like nothing but sour grapes since her Prop. 38 is clearly going to lose) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Look, we all know Obama's going to win California, and some of us don't have a contested supervisorial election. But there's lots of stuff on the local ballot that matters -- and if Prop. 30 goes down, nothing else is going to matter because (unless by some miracle the Dems get a two-thirds majority in both houses and can pass other taxes) this state's going down the tubes.

So go vote Yes on 30. Vote yes on 38, too, if you want, although a lot of people are mad enough at Munger to vote no. But 30 is the one that matters. Vote early and often.


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