Realtors and tech spending big to flip the Board of Supervisors

District 1 candidate David Lee is benefitting from unprecedented spending by wealthy interests.

Wealthy interests aligned with Mayor Ed Lee, the real estate industry, big tech companies, and other downtown groups are spending unprecedented sums of money in this election trying to flip the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors, with most of it going to support supervisorial candidates David Lee in D1 and, to a lesser degree, London Breed in D5.

The latest campaign finance statements, which were due yesterday, show Lee benefiting from more than $250,000 in “independent expenditures” from just two groups: the Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth PAC, which got its biggest support from tech titans Mark Benioff and Ron Conway; and the Coalition for Responsible Growth, funded by the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

Lee's campaign has also directly spent another nearly $250,000 on its race to unseat incumbent Sup. Eric Mar – bringing total expenditures on his behalf to more than $500,000, an unheard-of amount for a district election. Mar has spent $136,000 and has $24,100 in the bank, and he is benefiting from another $125,000 that San Francisco Labor Council unions have raised on his behalf.

Breed has benefited from more than $40,000 in spending on her behalf by the two groups. Her campaign is also leading the fundraising field in her district, spending about $150,000 so far and sitting on more than $93,000 in the bank for a strong final push.

Incumbent D5 Sup. Christina Olague has done well in fundraising, but the reports seem to indicate that her campaign hasn't managed its resources well and could be in trouble in the final leg. She has just $13,369 in the bank and nearly $70,000 in unpaid campaign debts, mostly to her controversial consultant Enrique Pearce's firm.

Slow-and-steady D5 candidates John Rizzo and Thea Selby seem to have enough in the bank ($20,000 and $33,000 respectively) for a decent final push, while Selby also got a $10,000 boost from the the Alliance, which could be a mixed blessing in that progressive district. Julian Davis still has more than $18,000 in the bank, defying the progressive groups and politicians who have pulled their endorsements and pledging to finish strong.

In District 7, both FX Crowley and Michael Garcia have posted huge fundraising numbers, each spending around $22,000 this year, but Crowley has the fiscal edge going into the final stretch with $84,443 in the bank compared to Garcia's less than $34,000. But progressive favorite Norman Yee is right in the thick of the race as well, spending $130,000 this year and having more than $63,000 in the bank.

The following is a detailed look at the numbers (we didn't do Districts 3, 9, and 11, where the incumbents aren't facing serious or well-funded challenges) for the biggest races:


Independent Expenditures


Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth PAC

The downtown-oriented group is run by notorious campaign attorney Jim Sutton. It has raised $447,500 this year, including $225,000 in this reporting period (Oct. 1 to Oct. 20).

It has spent $107,808 this period and $342,248 this reporting period. It has $243,599 in the bank and $105,334 in outstanding debt.

Donors include: Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff ($100,000), venture capitalist Ron Conway ($35,000), San Francisco Police Officers Association ($25,000), Healthplus Share Services out of Walnut Creek ($20,000), Committee on Jobs ($47,500), and Operating Engineers Local 3 ($10,000)

The Alliance has spent $143,763 this year, including $16,921 in this reporting period, supporting D1 supervisorial candidate David Lee and attacking his opponent Eric Mar; and $10,205 each in support of D5 candidates Thea Selby and London Breed.


Coalition for Sensible Growth (with major funding by the SF Association of Realtors)

Raised nothing this reporting period but $225,000 this year.

Spent $75,636 this period and $287,569 this year. Has $170,744 in the bank and $152,000 in outstand debts.

It has spent $101,267 supporting D1 candidate David Lee, $26,405 support of David Chiu in D3, $2,739 each supporting FX Crowley and Michael Garcia in D7, $12,837 opposing Norman Yee in D7, $29,357 backing London Breed in D5, and $20,615 promoting Prop. C (the Housing Trust Fund).

The San Francisco Labor Council Labor & Neighbor PAC has raised $84,563 for its various member unions and spent $93,539 this year on general get-out-the-vote efforts.

The Labor Council also supports three Teachers, Nurses and Neighbors groups supporting Eric Mar in D1 (raising $125,000 and spending $85,437), FX Crowley in D7 (raising $50,000 and spending $40,581), and Christina Olague in D5 (raising $15,000 and spending $15,231)


Supervisorial Races:

District 1

Eric Mar

Raised $18,270 this period, $135,923 this year, and got no public finances this period.

He has spend $61,499 this period, $187,409 this year, and has $24,180 in the bank with no debt.

Donors include: Sup. David Chiu ($250), board aides Judson True ($100) and Jeremy Pollock ($100), redevelopment attorney James Morales ($200), developer Jack Hu ($500), engineer Arash Guity ($500), community organizer James Tracy ($200), Lisa Feldstein ($250), Marc Salomon ($125), Petra DeJesus ($300), and Gabriel Haaland ($200).

David Lee

Raised $4,174 this period, $140,305 this year, and no public financing matches this period.

He has spent $245,647 this year and $55,838 this period. He has $5,871 in debts and $26,892 in the bank.

Donors include the building trades union ($500), property manager Andrew Hugh Smith ($500), Wells Fargo manager Alfred Pedrozo ($200), and SPO Advisory Corp. partner William Oberndorf ($500).

District 5

John Rizzo

Raised $5,304 this period (10/1-10/20), $29,860 this year, and $14,248 in public financing

He has $19,813 in the bank

Donors are mostly progressive and environmental activists: attorney Paul Melbostad $500), Hene Kelly ($100), Bernie Choden ($100), Dennis Antenore ($500), Clean Water Action's Jennifer Clary ($150), Matt Dorsey ($150), Arthur Feinstein ($350), Jane Morrison ($200), and Aaron Peskin ($150).


Julian Davis

Raised $8,383 this period, $38,953 YTD, and got $16,860 in public financing in this period (and $29,510 in the 7/1-9/30 period).

He has $67,530 in YTD expenses, $18,293 in the bank, and $500 in debts.

Some donors: Aaron Peskin ($500), John Dunbar ($500), Heather Box ($100), Jim Siegel ($250), Jeremy Pollock ($200), BayView publisher Willie Ratcliff ($174), and Burning Man board member Marian Goodell ($400). Peskin and Dunbar both say they made those donations early in the campaign, before Davis was accused of groping a woman and lost most of his progressive endorsements.


London Breed

Raised $15,959 this period, $128,009 YTD, got $95,664 in public financing this period.

Total YTD expenditures of $150,596 and has $93,093 in the bank

Donors include: Susie Buell ($500), CCSF Board member Natalie Berg ($250), Miguel Bustos ($500), PG&E spokesperson and DCCC Chair Mary Jung ($250), SF Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Lazarus ($100), Realtor Matthew Lombard ($500), real estate investor Susan Lowenberg ($500), Municipal Executives Association of SF ($500), Carmen Policy ($500), SF Apartment Association ($500), SF's building trades PAC ($500), and Sam Singer ($500).


Christina Olague

Raised $7,339 this period, $123,474 YTD, and got $39,770 in public financing this period.

Has spent $54,558 this period, $199,419 this year, has $13,367 in the bank, and has $69,312 in outstanding debt.

Donors include: former Mayor Art Agnos ($500), California Nurses Association PAC ($500), a NUHW political committee ($500), the operating engineers ($500) and electrical workers ($500) union locals, Tenants Together attorney Dean Preston ($100), The Green Cross owner Kevin Reed ($500), SEIU-UHW PAC ($500), Alex Tourk ($500), United Educators of SF ($500), and United Taxicab Workers ($200).

Some expenses include controversial political consultant Enrique Pearce's Left Coast Communications ($15,000), which documents show is still owed another $62,899 for literature, consulting, and postage.


Thea Selby

Raised $5,645 this period, $45,651 YTD, and got $6,540 in public financing this period.

Spent $29,402 this period, $67,300 this year, and has $33,519 in the bank.

Donors include:

David Chiu board aide Judson True ($100), One Kings Lane VP Jim Liefer ($500), SF Chamber's Jim Lazarus ($100), Harrington's Bar owner Michael Harrington ($200), and Arthur Swanson of Lightner Property Group ($400).


District 7


Norman Yee

Raised $8,270 this period and $85,460 this year and received $65,000 in public financing.

Spent $15,651 this period, $130,005 this year, and has $63,410 in the bank and no debt.

Donors include: Realtor John Whitehurst ($500), Bank of America manager Patti Law ($500), KJ Woods Construction VP Marie Woods ($500), and Iron Work Contractors owner Florence Kong ($500).


FX Crowley

Raised $5,350 this period, $163,108 this year, and another $25,155 through public financing.

He spent $76,528 this period, $218,441 this year, and has $84,443 in the bank and $7,291 in unpaid debt.

Donors include: Alliance for Jobs & Sustainable Growth attorney Vince Courtney ($250), Thomas Creedon ($300) and Mariann Costello ($250) of Scoma's Restaurant, stagehands Richard Blakely ($100) and Thomas Cleary ($150), Municipal Executives Association of SF ($500), IBEW Local 1245 ($500), and SF Medical Society PAC ($350)


Michael Garcia

Raised $8,429 this period, $121,123 this year, and $18,140 through public financing.

He spent $45,484 this period, $222,580 this year, and has $33,936 in the bank.

Donors include: Coalition for Responsible Growth flak Zohreh Eftekhari ($500), contractor Brendan Fox ($500), consultant Sam Lauter of BMWL ($500), Stephanie Lauter ($500), consultant Sam Riordan ($500), and William Oberndorf ($500)



It's not enough that those poor waifs worked for 16 hours a day at $.13 an hour for their right wing parents, but only kids of a certain hue were allowed to slave away. The children were used for political means, something self-appointed super smart Lillipublican claims never happens whith liberals.

I commend again that Lillipublican is looking out for whatever racial demographic he thinks he is looking out for around this all important issue children in Mar ads. First he was astute in the Dickens like slave labor in the anti-mar ads, now he see's through the race based basis of the ad.

We need more hawk like self-described smarty visionaries around these important issues.

Posted by muckluck on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 12:37 am

It's true that Mar won't have a direct role in determining this, but here's the deal. Prop H lost by 153 votes of 180,000. Mar claimed kids would switch in January, they all did, then didn't accept a challenge to a $1,000 bet he believed the argument he signed on the ballot. Another person attacked it for being nonbinding, but Mar was attacking it under a fear tactic lie that it would lead to massive chaos and mid school year switching, when it would have applied to no new members.

Mar is not for putting it on the ballot again with a clause that it would only affect new admissions, which to me would be fair because it took a lot of effort to get on the ballot and it wasn't fair that the result was a result of an inetional lie and confusion. Most were clearly for neighborhood schools, but enough switched due to the chaos mailers sent to houses by the Union, so it wasn't actually a referendum on whether people were for this for new admissions to neighborhood schools.

I don't care about the divorce, but I do think politicians should be honest. I prefer a candidate who stays married if he (or she) has kids, but then again I prefer someone whose kids are in public school, so that's a wash. I do care about integrity and honesty and believe Lee when he said he would have gone public if he hadn't lost the lottery. If Mar honestly believed that switch story, he should support putting it back on the ballot with that clause so we can have an honest vote on this. He doesn't because it was just a cover up for the fact that he wants families here to have their kids used as pawns and bused around.

As for not having any impact, 4 supervisors could put it on the ballot. Breed is for it as is Olague. Chu is for it. Wiener is for it. Alioto may be and both Crowley and Garcia are in West Portal, though Yee is not, he was a former board member and signed the lie. So it is possible we could get an honest vote for this with no confusion, just do you or don't you feel kids should have a guarantee to go to school reasonably close to home if they wish? H would have won if it's proponents had remembered that, or foreseen it.

Mar wasn't honest, that shows a lack of integrity. He wasn't the only one, but you just don't lie to win a ballot measure, you make an honest argument.

So if 4 can put anything on the ballot, there is a real power there.

The habit of lying can be hard to break. Now people claim Lee is against rent control. Nothing could be further from the truth. He strongly supports rent control.

Posted by Fact Check on Oct. 28, 2012 @ 11:30 pm

"I'll bet you a thousand bucks it will"

Posted by lillipublicans on Oct. 28, 2012 @ 11:59 pm

Just for the record, Scott Weiner is against it. As is David Chiu, Sean Elsbernd, Mayor Ed Lee, and 100% of the current School Board. Here's the link to the No on H flyer (messy link but it's there)

I'd be absolutely stunned if Olague turned out to be in favor, when just about everyone is opposed. Given your misinformation, I won't just take your word for it.

In any case, a ballot initiative means squat. H meant squat, because again, the school board sets school assignment policy. Lobby the school board. Good luck with that. 100% of the school board is against it... probably because what you're asking for is impossible.

Posted by Greg on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 10:52 am

Don't know if she supported H, but Olague has made some noise about neighborhood schools. Probably one of the many areas where she can help out her "friends."

Posted by Gust on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

Jim Ross and the Realtors screwed up. They had an unknown candidate, David Lee, but used all their early resources attacking Mar, a known politician instead of defining Lee. Clearly, they felt the need to remind voters of why they don't like Mar (needing only to remind and not introduce since his travails were well publicized) and, let's be honest, Ross and the Realtors feel most comfortable attacking people they don't like.

Seems that they felt their path to victory centered around knocking Mar to the ground early and keeping him there. Problem is, Mar's negatives were largely known, are mostly on silly shit, and for that reason, really don't register, even upon massive reinforcement like was mailed in D1.

So their attacks got them to "go" two months ago (ie - even in the race with a known pol) but hasn't carried them further. Heck, David Lee's own campaign sent out an email on Friday declaring the race even and now they're scrambling to find contrast points like "neighborhood schools" ten days before the election. Oops. According to this morning's paper, even Ron Conway is turning his dough to D5 instead of D1.

By this point, all that outside money should have depressed Mar's numbers significantly but it simply hasn't and now the race is moving from message to field. David Lee's window of opportunity came and went. Mar's field campaign will carry the day. Mar successfully fended off the hounds and now his campaign (run by a former Obama organizer) simply need to collect it's votes.

Posted by BeckBayside on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 9:28 am

to god's ears. (and yes, I know you're not a Mar supporter)

Incidentally, I was polled over the weekend. The poll questions were straightforward, unlike the Mirkarimi poll. That indicates someone wants to know the real truth, not just push a narrative (too late for that now anyway). The poll results were not released.

Posted by Greg on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 10:04 am

Wish the SFBG comments section always had analysis this good. By the way, I don't just think its good because I agree with it 100%, which I do.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

OK, so if Prop H meant squat, will you admit Eric Mar was morally and ethically wrong to sign his name to an argument that if it passed it would create chaos and cause kids to be forcibly switched mid school year? And now people are threatening my windows? What is this the '50s and you're the Klan? Wow. There are some ethically challenged Mar supporters out there. One claims simultaneously that H meant nothing but Mar didn't lie in claiming it could lead to mass chaos and forcible switching via a judge's order, and another threatens a family with children. We need an honest Supervisor who gets votes, doesn't just do anything, like tear down signs which Mar supporters have been seen doing and is illegal.

Posted by Fact Check on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 1:21 pm

You simply can't sign onto that argument in the link that chaos will ensue if it passes and say it means nothing. The two arguments are mutually exclusive. Both claims by the anti-H people cannot be simultaneously true.

Posted by Fact Check on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 1:24 pm

Are you working to defeat every member of the BOS and school board? Are you trying to defeat Jill Wynns in the school board race? For some reason I think you aren't, and that makes you a hypocrite. Everybody on the school board opposed H. They all signed their name to arguments opposing H.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

"fact check" is a dissembler.

"fact check" doesn't give a damn about schools.

"fact check" is pimping this false talking point in an attempt to hurt progressives.

"fact check" wants more McDonalds restaurants, more developers getting rich at the expense of the people and unique character of San Francisco, and "fact check" wants an end to rent control.

Posted by lillipublicans on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

FactCheck/Fred Dobbs...
Look, in a political campaign, all sides tend to engage in a bit of hyperbole (the sky will fall if prop X passes/doesn't pass). If that's your idea of dishonesty, then both sides were "dishonest" in claiming anything would happen at all, because yes, the measure was advisory.

I think that's a real stretch, though. To me, it sounds like usual campaign tactics to present the worst possible case scenario if your side doesn't win. I don't know of a single politician who doesn't do that.

Now if you want to talk about serious dishonesty, look no further than your boy David Lee, and his cynical, hypocritical 8 Washington mailers.

Posted by Greg on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 3:55 pm

Approvo interamente insieme le idee espresse fino ad ora. Andate avanti similmente.

Posted by Eleleenlilt on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 10:16 pm

I do oppose them but no one is running against them. You can't sign to an argument you know to be false and claim to be an honest person. That's what Romney does. As liberals we should be intellectually honest. In fact I support rent control and oppose chains and don't want McDonald's in the neighborhood. I just want children to be able to walk or bike to school, not be forced to drive far from home, which often means they move away to suburbs, the City should have all age groups and confidence you can move to a neighborhood and be a part of it. I walk to pick up my kids and know their teachers. Make me drive them across town, I'm exhausted, don't talk to their teachers, don't go to PTA meetings, don't volunteer. Mar would have fit when Supervisors run city-wide. He's going to lose because he chose to represent a neighborhood which supports neighborhood schools while signing onto a lie. I believe his decision in 2011 will be the fatal one in his career.

Posted by Fact Check on Oct. 30, 2012 @ 11:35 pm

It's actually not something liberals tend to do, making a stream of completely duplicitous statements and false arguments; but even if we did, we *certainly* wouldn't deploy a veiled death threat as a coda.

Posted by lillipublicans on Oct. 31, 2012 @ 4:58 am

Does fatal mean murder? It can also mean end of political career, and does here. I believe he made a huge mistake opposing Prop H, considering 60% of the Richmond voted for it and it motivated a lot of volunteers and voters. Somehow I bet if you had a child, you would want them to go to school close to home, especially if one parent telecommutes or both have to drive far and need an afterschool program. Even Mar chose Presidio. If it's so great for kids here to go to bad schools to improve them, he could have led the charge, but he didn't. His daughter is a good student and could have served as a good example for the poorly performing kids at, say, Visitation Valley Middle School, where some Richmond District residents were assigned.

Posted by Fact Check on Oct. 31, 2012 @ 12:49 pm

What a dishonest flier from Camille She. Total liar! She claims Mar's policies helped her choose a Richmond District School, totally muddles the issue. We're 1% of America where you don't have a guarantee of a district school. Mar caused that. Thousands of kids aren't getting Alamo, Presidio, Washington, and other schools here while kids from other areas get into these schools, adding to traffic, pollution, time and stress, reducing community. Wow! What a dishonest move by She and Mar. Both should be ashamed of themselves. Camile She just blatantly lied and poked her lie into our mailboxes. Thousands of parents couldn't choose a school here because of Mar, and She is trying to help him get away with it. So dishonest! The logic is intentionally misleading. But if you live here and want a school here, Mar's policies make that less likely than Lee's policies, that's an absolute fact. Truth is an early casualty in this campaign.

It looks like the election will go to Mar, there is a poll in the Richmond Blog that is beyond the margin of error, but we should still all vote for Lee as a protest vote so the margin is small and he knows we don't believe Mar's lies. These lies are just despicable.

Posted by Fact Check on Nov. 01, 2012 @ 12:23 am

I saw that flier and it obvious it is an intentional lie, a premeditated prevarication. It is quite clear. It's so sad when what appear to be decent family people intentionally lie, intentionally distort. The name Camile She will be associated with deception. I think it's easier for women to lie now because their kids don't carry their name, they have a different last name. I would have never put my name on a flier like this because my kids shared my name and the shame would carry on, but with women with one name, men with another, she probably has a union job and knows she can't be fired, and it will not dishonor her children as they have another name, so she can get away with it scot free. I also have basic moral values that say, you don't say something if you don't believe it and have it spread through the neighborhood. What can I tell you? I don't understand what's come of society. I'm so happy to have lived to see the first black president but so sad to see what has become a mockery of the basic values of truth we held dear. FDR was my hero because he never lied, and he almost lost in 1940 as a result, he would have won in a landslide if he had the morals people like Romney have. Romney couldn't have been elected dogcatcher at that time. Romney has no respect for the truth. Eric Mar and Camille She are very similar in this respect.

Posted by Myrtle Beaumont on Nov. 01, 2012 @ 11:49 am

Tax the Techies!

Posted by Guest on Nov. 01, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

It baffles my mind as to why the SFBG fails to include anything about the three other candidates in the District 5 race Daniel Everett, myself, and Hope Johnson. You would think that a publication that advocates for low-income people would advocate and help give a spotlight to candidates that haven't raised large sums of money but still have important things to say in the race and are running good campaigns. Many other media outlets the Chronicle, Examiner, Huffpost, Haighteration, Fog City Journal have included information on all the candidates in articles and features. Could this be one of the problems with progressives in SF?

Posted by Andrew Resignato on Nov. 02, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

There's just a real integrity issue with Mar. There's no way he believes this statement is true, and he is responsible for the fliers that go out on behalf of his campaign, as I don't believe this was sent out by a separate organization. If everyone logically studies this issue, looks at the SFUSD web site, reads the history of what Mar proposed, passed, supported and opposed, including the Prop H debacle (he claimed he believed if Prop H passed kids would be forced to switch mid year, which no one defends as true now and definitely was false but won the No side the election a year ago and maintained the unpopular lottery), then Lee will win in a landslide. This is a scandal. Mar knows this isn't true and he's responsible for sending out Camile She's quote to all 80,000 residents of the Richmond and Geary from Arguello to Masonic:

"As President of the Board of Education, Eric Mar helped strengthen parents' choice in the student assignment process. Thanks to Eric Mar's leadership, we can now send our children to school right here in the Richmond, which our family prefers."

He is responsible. If he was honest and defended his policy, I'd respect his integrity. Instead he chose to try to trick people knowing that 60% of the Richmond District supported Prop H and this lottery has reaped misery on countless innocent children and families and parents. There are many examples. The Russian immigrant who can't drive due to a disability and takes 2 buses back and forth, twice a day. The single mom of two who couldn't be in 2 places at once 40 minutes apart so sent 1 child to be with grandparents for a year. The many who moved, paid big for private, or endured awful commutes to unfamiliar neighborhoods.

But besides arguing on Prop H, if Mar had presented an argument, you could say he was honest. But he didn't, he tried to treat us all like 2-year olds and fool us. Most vote on gut instinct but anyone who studies this will know he pre-meditatedly and intentionally lied.

He also had allies whispering Lee was owned by Rose Pak, then accepted her endorsement and help. He has people telling everyone Lee opposes rent control, totally false.

But if you even believe those, somehow believe in Mar's honesty, please study Camille She's quote and compare it to the facts of the history of Mar on the board, on Prop H, and if you believe Mar believed kids would switch mid year, if you believe he believed She believed it was thanks to his leadership that she got her kids into Lafayette and Presidio, then go ahead and vote for Mar. If you come to the logical conclusion he lied and knows he lied, please vote for Lee.

If everyone does this, Lee wins in a landslide.

Posted by Fact Check on Nov. 04, 2012 @ 12:42 am

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