FX Crowley campaign party jubilant, then thin

D7 candidate FX Crowley and his wife Nancy getting a round of applause on the stage about 11pm.

By Anna Sterling

Around 8:30 or so the West Portal office of District 7 supervisor nominee FX Crowley was filled with supporters, spilling out into the sidewalk.

It included a lively group of his friends and allies from St. Ignatius high school and the musician's union. Others at the party were Kate Breslin of the Health Services Board of the City and County of San Francisco, Tom O'Connor, president of the firefighters union, Tim Paulsen, president of the San Francisco Labor Council and John Ring, SI alumni director, city attorney Dennis Herrera and Denise LaPointe, ex-president of the West of Twin Peaks neighborhood council.

The crowd cheered when the first votes were announced around 8:45 with Crowley slightly behind Norman Yee. Paulsen told us that labor was heavily backing Crowley because they wanted a strong labor candidate in District 7. He said labor provided more money and resources for Crowley than any other labor candidate in years.

The crowd became more subdued as the votes came in and Yee maintained his lead. The crowd gradually thinned out until just about everybody was gone around 11pm.