Very early, conservative counties no on 30, yes on 32


There's a scattering of early returns, mostly from conservative Central Valley counties, and they should everything bad happening -- Prop. 30 failing, Prop. 32 winning, Prop. 34 and 37 losing .... but LA isn't in, the Bay Area isn't in, and none of this means much. Except: Prop. 36, the repeal of three-strikes, is going to win overwhelmingly. It looks like Prop. 39, ending a billion-dollar tax loophole, is going to win handily. And the attempt by Mercury Insurance once again to rewrite the state's car-insurance laws is going down to defeat.

Prop. 30 is about two points behind Prop. 32, and since Prop. 32's going to get crushed, that's maybe not a bad place to be.

I'm not worried yet.

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