What the fuck, Chuck: No, Ed Lee is not God


So who were the big winners in the election? You could argue Ron Conway; you could argue surprise D5 winner London Breed. But to say it was all about Ed Lee?

Actually, no.

Every one of the initiatives that Lee backed was also supported by the entire progressive leadership on the board and almost every progressive group in the city, and other than Prop. B, there was little in the way of funded or credible opposition. The Yes on C campaign was run by the affordable housing folks, not the mayor. The mayor didn't even endorse Prop. A, the City College parcel tax, until late in the game.

Oh, and the mayor's appointee to the Community College Board? Got clobbered. The guy the mayor wanted in District 7? Out of the running.

The real story here -- aside from the supervisors races, where I don't think any one operation or political alliance won overall -- was the remarkable civic consensus on the ballot measures. If Ed Lee had been out of town all fall, they all still would have won.

I know Chuck thinks the mayor is the greatest ever, but in this case, his impact was at best a wash.