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Mark Leno's party packed


Mark Leno's election night party has been a stark contrast to what we saw earlier tonight at Joe Nation's event, which was situated at the unfortunately named "Wipe Out" restaurant in Greenbrae. Leno's campaign office in San Rafael is packed wall-to-wall, the crowd noisy and erupting in frequent applause when new figures from the secretary of state show up on a projector putting Leno ahead.

He told a radio reporter earlier tonight that overall during the election, he's had to raise $1.2 million (we've seen it in the piles of slick, anti-Nation mailers that have mounted in our mailbox). Read more »

Joe Nation's election night party


We showed up at Joe Nation's election night party in the Marin County town of Greenbrae around eight o'clock. The event's being held at a restaurant called the Wipe Out Bar & Grill in a quiet strip mall here. State figures are showing Leno ahead of the pack by five percentage points. By the time we arrived at Wipe Out, the candidate wasn't around.

The restaurant's proprietor, Bob Partrite, told us Nation's crew was supposed to be here at a quarter of eight. Long after the hour, Nation was still missing in action. Read more »

Leno-Nation a see-saw


Now Leno's back ahead with 37 percent of the vote (district wide) to Nation's 35.8. This one's going to be close.

In San Francisco, on Election Day, it's all Migden and Leno in San Francisco, and Leno is way ahead. Leno's got 62 percent of the San Francisco election-day vote, and Migden has 37 percent. So it's looking good for Leno, who has to win SF very big.

More City Hall projections


So breaking out the absentees, Sandoval is winning 55 percent of the Election Day vote. That should put him in a strong position going into the fall runoff. There's a third candidate in the race, Mary Mallen, who is at around 14 percent, so the incumbent, Judge Mellon, will get far less than a majority vote, indicating that most of the voters want someone else.

On Prop. A: The election-day results have Prop. A winning by 74 percent. So that should make up for the absentees quite nicely. I think A is now going to win.

Migden, the Guardian, and Burton


After taking heat for weeks after the Guardian failed to endorse Carole Migden, I approach her party with a bit of trepidation, particularly after seeing her trail both Mark Leno and Joe Nation in early returns. She is speaking when I arrive, saying her thank yous. "Thank you, thank you, thank you San Francisco," she closes. Afterward I see one of her most prominent supporters, Senator Darrell Steinberg, the incoming president pro tem, whom I know a little from my Sacramento days.
"She's been a great legislator and whatever happens tonight, she has everything to be proud of. Read more »

City Hall: New results


We have about 20 percent of the vote in now, and here's how it looks:

Prop. A has gone up to 63 percent, and will probably pass.

Sandoval has picked up a bunch, is now at almost 40 percent, and now looks to be coming in first in that race, but not with enough votes to avoid a runoff.

F is still losing, G still winning, and that won't change.

Joe Nation is now leading Mark Leno -- not in San Francisco but district wide. Read more »

City Hall: Projections at this point


The early absentees tell us a few things, and Chris Bowman, a GOP consulant who is generally right on his projections, gave us his hit, and here's how it looks:

Prop. A, the parcel tax for schools, is going to be very close; it's at 60 percent now and that will be a squeaker.

F and G are over. F lost, G won.

Sandoval may come in first, or at worst a close second, and that race will go to a November runoff.

Prop. Read more »

City Hall -- correction, Sandoval TRAILING


Whoops, read that one wrong. Gerardo Sandoval is at 37.09 and Thomas Mellon is at 48.04, with Mary Mallen at 14.44. So Sandoval is behind. But since his numbers will rise and Mellon's will fall as the election-day results come in, it looks like a November runoff between the two.

City Hall: DCCC results


Remember, these are early absentees, but here's who's winning at the DCCC right now in District 13:

Leslie Katz
David Chiu
David Campos
Laura Spanjian
Aaron Peskin
Scott Wiener
Robert Haaland
Rafael Mandelman
Holli Their
Debra Walker
Michael Goldstein
Joe Julian

So far, it's most incumbents and the progressive "slate" isn't exactly winning. Chris Daly, for example, hasn't even made the cut. But the night is young and that will probably change.

City Hall: Absentee results


Well, the minute we posted that last entry we got some absentee results -- and it looks like Lennar's money carried the day. Prop. G is winning handily, Prop. F is going down hard.

But there's fascinating news: Prop. E, the PUC reform measure that PG&E spent a fortune trying to kill, is ahead even in the absentees and will probably win.

Gerardo Sandoval is well ahead in the judicial race, but there may still be a runoff.

Leno is beating Migden handily in the city, and Joe Nation is way behind. Read more »