The Brit royals send their kids to war

Prince Harry is on the front lines. Not the Bush kids.

I'm not a big supporter of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I've learned not to glorify military service, which often ends very badly, but I have to say: It's always interested me that when Britain is at war, the kids of the royal family are sent to fight, too. It's an ancient tradition, I guess, but it still goes on -- and it's very different from the United States. Here, people with names like Bush don't go to Vietnam; they get a cush job with the National Guard. Or if their name is Cheney they're just too busy. Any chance at all the the daughters of the president who sent thousands of others to die in the desert would be called to active duty? Nah; they're out partying.

You think maybe presidents and members of Congress would feel a little differently about these pointless military engagements if their own kids were flying the planes?

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