SF's cycling yogis, beware

Maybe next time I'll take BART to yoga, or just do yoga in a BART station.
Tim Daw

As a regular yoga practitioner in San Francisco at a couple different studios, I was already aware that classes are especially full these days, with the New Year's resolution crowds still not substantially subsiding yet. And after getting the front wheel stolen off of my bicycle last night while I was in a Yoga to the People class in the Mission, I also learned of another trend: people's bikes being targeted for theft while they're inside stretching themselves.

While the SFPD tells me they're unaware of any bike wheel theft trend targeting yogis, it's also not something that many people would report, and if they did, not something tracked in the SFPD's Compstat system. But when I did a Facebook post last night, I heard from several people who say they were similarly victimized recently.

And it sorta makes sense. How tough is it for the cretins who steal bikes and bike parts to note when lots of cyclists seem to be arriving and leaving from a certain spots at predictable times? So I just thought I'd throw this one out there to my fellow cycling yogis (or students, theater goers, or anyone who might similarly situated): Beware situations where blocks of bikes are left alone for a set period of time.

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