Get your political moving and shaking on


What's happening in the socially conscious Bay Area this week? Well, there's a mass rally Thurs/14 to save City College of San Francisco. There are community organizing meetings, like today's Transgender Month of Action panel co-sponsored by the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, San Francisco Pride at Work, and others. There's a free public talk Wed/13 on Asia's Unknown Uprisings. There's a kickoff for a national Homes For All campaign to address foreclosure issues in Oakland, also on Wednesday. Oh, and then there's the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair on Sat/16 and Sun/17.

What else is going on? Here's your opportunity to let us know.

The Guardian has always included Political Alerts listings in our pages and online. Now, we've launched a new way to spread the word about progressive goings-on. Subscribe to our brand-spanking new Alerts Twitter page and get up to speed on local community happenings.

For local event organizers, there are now two extraordinarily easy ways to let the Guardian know what you're up to:

1. Mention @sfbg_alerts when you Tweet about your event.

2. Email your event announcement to

To be considered for print, events for the following Wednesday or later must be received by Friday morning the week prior. So, if your group plans on surrounding a federal building next Wednesday to protest an oil pipeline, for instance, give us a heads up by Friday morning.



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