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east bay election parties


Here's the list of east bay parties:

Oakland Mayor

Ron Dellums
· Carneval, Behind Yoshi’s, on 2nd street
· http://www.rondellumsformayor.com/
· 510. 444. 6016

Ignacio De La Fuente
· 8:30 at Zazoo’s restaurant
· 30 Jack London Square, Oakland
· http://www.delafuenteformayor.com/homex.asp?Q=Homepage
· 510. 893. 2006

Nancy Nadel
· 8:00 or 9:00 at the Uptown Bar
· 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
· http://www.nancynadelformayor.com/
· 510. 654. 6966

Oakland Assembly

Sandre Swanson
· 8:15 at Campaign HQ
· 449 15th Street (corner of Broadway) Oakland
· http://www.sandreswanson.org/
· 510. 251. Read more »



By Steven T. Jones
Maybe there is something to this 6/6/06 numerological weirdness after all. The mood seems dark and sinister for an election day. And it was certainly some devilish characters who have shut our Web site down all day with a denial of service attack. We don't know which ones, but the likely suspect list should start with those affiliated with candidates that we didn't endorse in close races: Fiona Ma, Mike Nevin, Lillian Sing, Steve Westly, and the downtown players gunning for Chris Daly's propositions. I'm not accusing anyone of anything. Read more »



For those of you who are still trying to vote, I'm really sorry that our endorsements haven't been available, but here they are:

The Clean Slate
Our endorsements for the June 6 election. Read more »

Election-night parties


We're having some web-server problems here, as some of you may have noticed. But we've managed to get our election blog up and running, which is what you see here now. For your infor, here's the list of election-night parties.

Janet Reilly
Canvas Café
1200 9th Avenue at Lincoln

Fiona Ma
Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th @ Sloat

Yes on A
Powell’s Place
1521 Eddy @ Fillmore

No on D
2522 Mission St. Read more »

Lame campaigns


By Tim Redmond

The polls have the Democratic primary for governor way too close to call, with some showing Westly moving up and some suggesting that Angelides has the momentum -- and all of them showing that almost a third of the voters haven't made up their minds the day before election day. Randy Shaw at BeyondChron predicts an Angelides win because the hard-core Democrats are most likely to go to the polls. Read more »

It just gets nastier


By Tim Redmond

On the last day before the election, Warren Hinckle managed to get a final blast in, distributing (he told me) 40,000 coies of the Argonaut, his occasionally published journal that seems to be published largely when there are political ads available to fund it. Most of the distribution's going on the west side of town, and the cover features a rather nasty illustration of Janet Reilly, in a low-cut, tight dress, drinking a glass of champagne in her Sea Cliff mansion.

Coming very soon


Coming very soon