Bay to Breakers: Go naked, everyone!

Can you see any terrorists in this picture?

I realize security is a serious issue after Boston. And I'm all for public safety. So if the city is going to ban backpacks at Bay to Breakers, (just for runners, or for spectators, too? How can that be enforced?), we might as well take the next logical step:

More naked runners.

Run naked and you can't hide a bomb. Run naked and you are no security threat to anyone. In fact, public nudity is one of the best defenses against terrorism; have you ever heard of a naked terrorist?

Let's go all the way. The runners. The spectators. The casual passers-by, the folks who happen to live along the route .... banning backpacks is just a start. Ban clothes. All day, all along the 7.5 miles. A naked city is a safe city.

Scott Wiener can stay home.

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