Teachers try to dis-accredit accreditation group


The union representing teachers at San Francisco City College have fired back at the accreditation commission that's threatened to shut the school down and forced dramatic changes in its mission. The California Federation of Teachers and AFT Local 2121 filed a legal complaint May 1 charging the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges with violating its own rules and federal law -- and the complaint asks the federal Department of Education to withdraw the accreditation of the accreditation commission.

The language of the 260-page complaint is harsh:

The Commission has violated nearly every Federal regulation which guides it, disregards its own policies, misrepresents
its actions or legal requirements, fails to respect the law and public policy of the State,violates Federal common law due process and California common law fir procedure, and acts arbitrarily, capaciously, unfairly and inconsistently in evaluating colleges and
districts throughout the State, thereby harming colleges, students, faculty and staff, boards of trustees and ultimately the People.

But in the end, union members on a conference call noted, the big issue is whether the ACCJC ought to be evaluating classroom instruction and offering constructive criticisms (which is what these panels have tended to do in the past) -- or ought to be looking at overall college finances, including retirement costs and management structure.

For example, the ACCJC wants City College to pre-fund some of its retiree health-care benefits -- diverting money that could be used right now in classrooms. "Accreditation agencies shouldn't be looking at [those types of] finances," union spokesperson Fred Glass said.

Alisa Messer, president of the Local 2121, said that the commission's threat to withdraw accreditation from City College "has thrown the college into turmoil," which is hardly news. Jim Mahler, president of the CFT Community College Council, took the broader view, saying that schools are now so afraid of the ACCJC that they're spending disproportionate amounts of money and time just trying to please the agency.

CFT President Joshua Pechthalt said the goal of the legal filing was to get the ACCJC to withdraw its "show cause" order at City College -- and the change the overall approach the accreditors are taking. "No other body operates like this," he said. The Department of Education has to accredit the accreditors, and the ACCJC comes up for review this year -- so in a sense, the unions want to put the oversight agency under the same type of scrutiny the schools are enduring.

So far, no response from ACCJC.

UPDATE: ACCJC posted the following on its website:

While we understand there is interest in obtaining information in this regard directly from the ACCJC,
the Commission will maintain its normal practice of reviewing third party comment and communicating
about that comment directly to the affected member institution. Further, complaints against the ACCJC
are treated formally, in accordance with policy; comment from the organization or its officers is limited
during this time.




"For example, the ACCJC wants City College to pre-fund some of its retiree health-care benefits -- diverting money that could be used right now in classrooms. "Accreditation agencies shouldn't be looking at [those types of] finances," union spokesperson Fred Glass said."

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No, pensions have little to do with it. What's really going on was best described in a recent letter by columnist Ellen Taylor to BG's "sister paper" in Humboldt Co., NCJ:

"What is really happening is a hostile takeover of the 112 Community Colleges of California. A unit is now $46, and student fees now pay more than half of the cost of a CCC education. Student debt nationwide is a ball-and-chain of over $1 trillion. 'Philanthropic benefactors' offer millions of dollars, as happened at Santa Monica, to transfer the curriculum to online classes. Foundations such as Lumina, Gates and Walmart envision the masses being taught in 'MOOCs' (Massive Online Open Classes). Education is at the mercy of the market.

"The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges snoops around looking for inefficiencies so they can withdraw accreditation for the CCCs. However, efficiency is not an economic concept, it is an ideologic one.

"In his first State of the Union address, George Washington emphasized the role of government in education, since it is, 'in every country the surest basis of public happiness' enabling the people to 'distinguish between oppression and the necessary exercise of lawful authority.' He said nothing about tailoring it to corporate demands.

"Music and drama curricula provide a community with what is called social capital.

"Students practice working together cooperatively, strengthening relationships. Studies have shown that populations with social capital are more engaged, better able to defend their own interests and resist oppression. [...]

"Of course, if we’re looking for where the money went, try the bailout, or the $4 trillion-$6 trillion we spent on destroying Iraq and Afghanistan."


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It's really about privatization and union busting. Everyone should read this article: Corporate Education Reform Hits SFCC

"Many faculty and students believe that California's multiyear economic crisis is being used to enforce a series of changes intended to move the community college system towards privatization and attack unions as obstacles that stand in the way. " ...

"Sanctioning community colleges is a trend growing beyond San Francisco, however: 27 districts in California (25 percent of the state total) are currently on the list. Two others in addition to SFCC have "show cause" orders that threaten closure. The accreditation commission is not a public agency but a self-perpetuating private one overseen by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Its primary source of funding appears to be membership dues from educational institutions, which have no input or oversight rights."


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Jason Grant Garza here ... yeah, the FIX is in ... accreditation, rules, policies, due process, fairness, etc ... what IS THAT? We at ACCJC know what we are doing and HOW dare you question. Would that be like JACHO ( accredttation for HOSPITALS ) that stated NO EMTALA LAW had been broken by SF General Hospital when I took them to FEDERAL COURT and they (CCSF) testilied and committed fraud to have my case dismissed in 2003 (C02-3485PJH) only to sign a settlement/confession with the OFFICE of INSPECTOR GENERAL in 2007 admitting fault and guilt for BREAKING FEDERAL LAW http://myownprivateguantanamo.com/settle1.html (see all five pages.) Did the ACCREDITATION (JACHO) come back and tell me they were WRONG ... by the way if they are the EXPERTS ... HOW COULD THEY BE WRONG?

Moving forward to DPH breaking the LAW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cP3jCmJFRo and my followup with the SHERIFF (see all 6 parts) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYC-syG0D7Y so that I can go back and DPH break the LAW again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFd-KtS8Zss and AGAIN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa7kfWNt4aQ and SFPD won't take POLICE REPORTS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHuQi_I8e4E and the CHIEF of POLICE won't take my compliant following up on the RIGGED system http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnWpeVtOtmY and the POLICE COMMISSION can't set a meeting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfNkb5zEhBw .

So what else is new ... DPH didn't even know who accredits their "PATIENT/MEDICAL CARE" side as demonstrated in SUNSHINE case 11099 http://www.sfbos.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=41482 and SUNSHINE said ... CLOSED CASE ... we CAN NOT MAKE DPH produce something it does not have ... WHAT? ... they (DPH) do not know who accredits them and SUNSHINE lets it wash. So as you can tell ... NOT all is well in ACCREDITATION land ....

Now look forward to more on youtube as today I went back and AGAIN DPH broke the LAW with the HELP of its LAPDOG the SHERIFF and wait till you see all the SFPD help I got with CIVIL STANDBY ...

So you go TEACHERS and QUESTION ... the real QUESTION is will there be CONSEQUENCE or is the FIX in as it is with DPH ???

Go to youtube ... I will work on downloading 5/1/13 videos asap. To bad I'm not a UNION with DUES to AFFORD JUSTICE ... since it is $$$ that has even gotten it this far ... what does that say about the HOPE and HUMANITY for the rest of US ???


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If they close City College, do I get my parcel taxes back? The ballot language for the recent City College parcel tax didn't address that issue.

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The faculty didn't like the accreditation committee's report.

Therefore the accreditation committee must have violated its rules.

Look, City College has been operating without adult supervision, without any cost considerations, for decades. The committee recommended that the school start actually making students pay their tuition, for example, and the 'provosts' actually teach courses. It took the initiatives to shut down the school unless reforms are made because it knows full well that the elected board governing the school (these folks collected pay checks and often did not attend meetings, almost ever, see Lawrence Wong for details) is incapable of governing the school.

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Local 2121 executive board member Allan Fisher: "The source of the federal government's pressure on the accreditation commissions to sanction more colleges," he explained, "includes very wealthy activists like Bill Gates, who represent corporations and large foundations. Their efforts to 'improve accountability' through measured outcomes and the demand to push students through faster are likely to discourage students and limit educational opportunities."

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Do you really think anyone believes this spin anymore? Students would be encouraged to pursue educations when they know their teachers are kept to high levels of accountability and act as role models. The fewer hack teachers in the business the more in-demand and better-paid the ones who can make it would be. I actually left one JC because the instruction was such a joke.

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Shyt. Bold wording !

The accreditation committee uncovered a slew of financial problems and systemic failure dating back decades, and knew that the elected board was incapable of addressing them. It took some drastic steps because it had to.

But the Evil Bill Gates (a liberal Democrat and Obama supporter) supports the reform. He's a billionaire! So the reform must be evil!

I get it now.

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