It's not the "law", it's racism.

Sebastien De La Cruz

Twitter can be a blast and a half or it can be a nightmare. It was indeed the latter that reared its ugly head right after 11 year old Sebastien De La Cruz sang the national anthem at Game 3, NBA Finals in San Antonio.

De La Cruz, a prodigy of sorts, is an American born in Texas. As he was dressed in traditional Mariachi gear and is clearly of Latino origin, his appearance set of a slew of racist tweets. Like "this li'l Mexican snuck into the country 4 hours ago" or "can't believe they have the nerve to have that beaner sing the national anthem" among others.  The most amazing of the lot came from Congressman Joe Heck's (R-NV) son. Heck has apologized for his 16 year old's behavior.

Let's cut the crap, shall we? More likely than not, Heck's kid learned this spew in his house. Just as the other Tweeters probably did as well. And let's keep cutting said crap--the only people fooled by the idea that "we aren't racists when we rave about illegal immigration, we just believe in the law" are the ones that believe their own lies.

The ravers are the same people that sent out those Tweets. As has been stated before, Boston in the 1980's was awash in Irish undocumenteds and no one said a thing, Chicago and its Slavic population, ditto. Nope, "illegal immigration" as issue is pure bullshit--these same "real Americans" have no problem patronizing restaurants with undocumented workers washing dishes and bussing tables--but they go slugnutty at the idea of the same people's kids going to the same schools as theirs. 

Nearly one of every seven Americans is Latino. The kid sang great and the Spurs had him back. Get over it already, K?