Republicans are just plain daft

Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

What do you do when your party is getting clobbered on social media and among a demographic that is getting locked in to vote against you?

Why, adapt to the new thing, of course. In this case, the snarky, pithy and glib lingo of Twitter and FB posts. And what do you goof and eyebrow raise over?


I used to play in a pit band in a comedy club, '93-'94. Never heard an abortion joke. That and AIDS are generally right up there with "Holocaust howlers". People just don't think they're a crack up.

But the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference begs to differ. If they can just be side splittingly hilarious on the matter of pregnancy termination, the kids'll flock to them.

Sorry. It isn't funny. And mocking the women that have them or the people that don't believe the government should interfere with those women--hard to see where the yuks come from. I suspect it'll be typical "conservative humor", which is to say snide, condescending and holier than thou, ie not funny.

At this point, "Republican" is synonymous with "daft". Or "out of it", "antwacky", "loonytunes". Take yer pick.