A troll-free zone? Well, almost


As promised, we’ve disabled reader comments this week, at least on all the stories in this week’s paper, fresh blog posts, and those stories and posts that were still actively being commented on. It’s a week-long experiment and encouragement for those who don’t require anonymity to send give your feedback directly at our forum tonight (6-8pm at the LGBT Center, 1800 Market) or by email (news@sfbg.com) or snail mail. We'll publish a lot of that feedback in next week's paper.

It’s not our intention to be doctrinaire about this or play cat-and-mouse with trolls who want to comment on older posts and feel like they’re getting away with something. Knock yourselves out and we’ll come shut down comments on those posts when we get around to it or if things run amuck.

One avenue for comments that we aren’t shutting down this week is our Facebook page, where it’s tougher to troll anonymously, and we encourage you to go and comment there if you have something to say. Or you can tweet at us. And if the demand seems to be there to allow for a discussion on our site of the issues raised in tonight’s forum, we may even consider opening up a channel for that.

The Bay Guardian has been a work in progress since 1966, and that’s never been more true than the current moment we find ourselves in as we seek to revive and rejuvenate the paper and the Bay Area’s larger progressive movement. So thanks for your support and we hope to see you tonight.