12 tweets McLovin' and McHatin' the East Bay's #FastFoodStrike

East Bay fast food workers strike outside of a McDonald's and Taco Bell.
Image courtesy of Wendy Bloom, @RebelNurse

Workers from about 30 fast food restaurants in the East Bay rallied for higher pay yesterday, demanding $15 an hour, nearly twice as much as California's $8 an hour minimum wage. For reference, Burger King Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Hees makes $4,015,619 with salary and investments, Chief Executive Officer of Yum! Restaurants David C. Novak (KFC Corporation/Pizza Hut are a part of Yum!) makes $14,168,355, and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's Corp Donald Thompson makes $13,751,919 with his salaries and investments, according to figures from Forbes and BusinessWeek.

It would take 1,771,044 fast food workers paid at California's minimum wage, $8 an hour, one year to equal what Novak takes home annually.

Here are some tweets and other "touts" from the strike, which was part of a national movement.

Tout video via Jane Tyska, @Tyska on Twitter.

Twitter Hate

Twitter Love

Gettin' Sassy

Striking in Oakland

Tout video via Jane Tyska, @Tyska on Twitter.