Lee family quietly leaves home as activists pledge to push reforms

Gum Gee and Poor Heung Lee outside the Jackson Street home they left last night because of an Ellis Act eviction.
Mike Koozmin/SF Print Media Co.

Members of Lee family quietly moved out of their longtime home in Chinatown last night, a day before their latest scheduled Ellis Act eviction, which had been postponed twice before thanks to headline-grabbing progressive activism that turned away deputies and persuaded the Mayor’s Office to intervene with the landlord.

But this time, the Mayor’s Office has been mum about the case (officials haven’t responded to our requests for comment) after failing to find a solution to the Lees – an elderly couple using Social Security to care their disabled 48-year-old daughter – still unresolved situation. With help from the Asian Law Caucus and Chinatown Community Development Center, the Lees moved their belongings into storage while they are staying in a hotel.

“The family is staying at a hotel in the city for the next few days as they try to finalize on a couple of potential rental units here. They'll be paying over twice the amount that they had been paying for their rent-controlled unit. Their SSI won't be enough to make ends meet, and so they will be spending down their relocation compensation, which may be depleted in the next several months,” Asian Law Caucus attorney Omar Calimbas told us. “Hopefully, the family will be able to find subsidized housing by then, or they will be in a precarious state of affairs again.”

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi told us yesterday that he’s been waiting for word from the Mayor’s Office and hoping to avoid this evicting the family. “We’re duty bound. It’s a court order,” Mirkarimi said of his eviction obligation. "The eviction is on the books, but we've been expecting an alternative plan by the Mayor's Office after he intervened in this case.”

The San Francisco Examiner, which had earlier given splashy credit to Mayor Ed Lee for stalling the Lee family’s eviction – to the irritation of some activists that probably deserve more credit than anyone in the Mayor's Office – had the only journalist on the scene with the Lees last night, but the paper didn’t have any comments or updates from the Mayor’s Office.

Weeks before Mayor’s Lee's headline-grabbing Sept. 25 intervention in the Lee case, Mirkarimi had his Eviction Assistance Unit contact the Lees and try to help them avoid being turned out with no place to go. But in a city where his office performs around 1,000 evictions per year – it executed 998 court-ordered evictions last year -- the single full-time staffer in that office is overwhelmed.

"We need more staff to assist when it gets to this point," Mirkarimi told us. But his budget request last year to add another position to the unit was denied by the Mayor's Office and Board of Supervisors, a request that Mirkarimi renewed in a Sept. 30 letter to Mayor Lee.

“When there is a determination, our EAU attempts to support individuals and families facing eviction, not just Ellis Act evictions, but all evictions. This unit is comprised of one full time deputy sheriff and the partial time of another deputy.  Based on [the current eviction] trend, our EAU staffing is insufficient and ill-equipped to assist qualified individuals and families who may be at risk of becoming homeless,” Mirkarimi wrote. “With renewed focus on the consequences of evictions in San Francisco, I return to our FY 2013-2014 budget request to enhance our EAU with one full time clinical outreach worker.”

Meanwhile, the activists say they won’t wait for the next budget cycle or rely on the Sheriff’s Department for help with imminent evictions. They say that they plan to propose a package of reforms for dealing with the eviction crisis as soon as this week.

"Overall, the several weeks of reprieve from the eviction that were won after an incredible display of community solidarity with the Lees were very important in giving them time to find a temporary fix,” Calimbas told us. “Stay tuned in the next day or so for the next move by a growing coalition of community organizations, housing advocates and labor in pushing for a comprehensive package of legislative reform to curb the outbreak of displacement-based speculation.”

Guardian Staff Writer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez contributed to this report.



So inevitably the bigger tax breaks go to the wealthier. It cannot be any other way.

And did it ever occur to you that maybe the government want to encourage home ownership?

Posted by Lillipublicans on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 2:14 pm

Racer began embracing communist theory the first time the neighborhood bully (a girl) stole his mittens and his mom couldn't afford to replace them. Someone OWES me something, darn it! he thought, steering his 5-speed through desolate winter streets, his hands stinging with cold.

Posted by Chromefields on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 6:16 am

Mitten are to be rented out at below their cost of production, because it simply isn't fair that racer lacks the skills to get decent mittens.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 7:01 am

Jason Grant Garza here ...oh, wow ... here is the prediction and RESULT:


San Francisco mayor intervenes to help Ellis Act-evicted family stay in home temporarily

Jason Grant Garza here ... yes, lots of sound an fury with NO RESULTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS ... Lots of EMPTY talk ... NO results ... the old folks will be out!

What is just as amazing is the healthcare DRAMA that accomplished NOTHING and HOLDS NO ONE ACCOUNTABLE .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cP3jCmJFRo&list=TLxXVJC7I8ExhHEa_sdZTa3... and if you watch the videos NEITHER the Sheriff nor SFPD can ARREST for MEDICAL LAW violations ... again ... TALK , no RESULTS.

It also reminds me of the ???? "UPCOMING HEARING" by Supervisor KIM in regard to FAULTY and INCORRECT police investigations ....http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2013/09/04/kim-calls-hearing-how-sfpd-investigates-cyclist-fatalities and still have not gotten a meeting to provide the EVIDENCE necessary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtqja9Up02A and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DogpfAUdBg4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7GI9YAElnk

Oh, by the way the Human Service Agency (under Trent Rhroer) was who I was sent to after David Chiu's office failed on CIVIL GIDEON since they (HSA) were running the program ... shall I show you HOW MUCH HELP I DID NOT GET? Watch the David Chiu videos in regard to the failing civil gideon just like this by HSA ... shall we follow up in a month or two to see just HOW help these elders get ... ha,ha,ha. Great PR ... NO RESULTS, more INHUMANITY with all others' hands in the "cookie jar."

Shall we judge by RESULTS ...

Keep drinking the KOOLAID.

Shall we by the same token ask the MAYOR in regard to the MISMANAGED public housing that now he is considering giving to a "Private-Public Partnership) ... do not the VICTIMS of the mismanagement deserve PROTECTION?
Posted by Jason Grant Garza on 10/01/2013 at 9:00 AM



San Francisco family remains in home on Ellis Act eviction day

Jason Grant Garza here ... ha,ha,ha ... NOW you get to see what " Among the more than 100 supporters were supervisors David Campos, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, David Chiu and John Avalos, and former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin." ACCOMPLISH. Would you believe NOTHING ... oh, we really care and are here to EXPRESS MEANINGLESS, RESULTLESS OUTCOMES ... but VOTE for us. Yes, the GAME of ILLUSION and false HUMANITY persist.
What do I mean ... was it not KIM that was going to ask for a HEARING over BAD CORRUPT POLICE INVESTIGATIONS? Shall I show you what I got from KIM'S office when I went to give her EVIDENCE? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtqja9Up02A and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DogpfAUdBg4 ... would you believe it is 9/26/13 and I went into KIM'S office on 9/9 and 9/19 ... I mean she does want CORRECTION or is that just more FALSE MEANINGLESS NO-RESULTS PRODUCING words on her part ... you decide. Watch the youtube videos ... watch HOW much help I got from David Chiu and his "CIVIL GIDEON" ... can you say NADA, ZIP, ZILCH ... just more wasted time and heartache. Watch the videos ... know they DO NOT CARE and this is EMPTY propaganda ... Keep Drinking teh KOOLAID ... call KIM and ask when I will get to provide the PROOF or call Chiu and ask why CIVIL GIDEON fails? Yes, meaningless words, false promises, no results, idiots who believe and do not hold accountable ...the perfect recipe .... Will these group of SUPERVISORS be out at the eviction today 9/26 and get arrested ... shall we see ... again, hi, sheriff ... I'm going to the eviction today to spout false wind ... don't show up to make me appear good and spin more propaganda; but tomorrow or next day ... I will not be there ... wink, wink, wink.

Keep drinking the KOOLAID ...
Posted by Jason Grant Garza on 09/26/2013 at 9:19 AM


Now IMAGINE that was the BEST with EVERYONE working on it ... ha,ha,ha. Wait they all got paid, correct? Now they can continue and the LEEs will fade with the NEXT pressing matter ... predictable, repeated pattern (meaningless words ... no results), and folks will keep drinking the KOOL-AID.

Expect the WORST ... never be disappointed when it comes to the city ... http://myownprivateguantanamo.com/settle1.html and http://www.sfbg.com/2007/06/27/crazy

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 6:46 am

Only two:

1) Have you seen your psycho-therapist this week?

2) Has she evaluated your meds prescription recently?

PS - If you're currently using either marcos' or racer's therapists, find a better one.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 7:07 am

Jason Grant Garza here to GUEST:

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”

— Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow, quoted by Sara Shannon in Diet for the Atomic Age

or WHY not SHOOT the MESSENGER. Blame the VICTIM or any distraction; however clever, IT STILL WILL NOT CHANGE the TRUTH.

Maybe you need to get OFF your MEDS to see the TRUTH .... or speak to your therapist for that MISPLACED anger. Shall I recommend the INCOMPETENT DPH.


Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 10:11 am

I think the caps lock button on your keyboard is intermittently sticking due to the stalagmite of semen beneath it.

Posted by Chromefields on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 10:38 am

Best post ever....

Posted by Guest on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 2:45 pm
Posted by Guest on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 3:04 pm

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