Kaepernick incident report details bong hits, blackout, and alleged assault

Kaepernick in better times.

San Francisco 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick, player Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette are being investigated for sexual assault by Miami police, according to reports earlier today by TMZ sports (and other media outlets). 

The name of the woman at the center of the allegations was redacted from the report, which was obtained by sports site Deadspin. The only descriptor available is that she is African American. 

Tuesday night, April 1, she went to visit Lockette's apartment, she told officers. Kaepernick and Patton were there as well, and she mixed them drinks and the players all drank shots. The players told her in order to take a shot she needed to take a hit of a bong "filled with marijuana," according to the report.

From the report:

"They sat down, talked, and watched the basketball game. She started to feel light headed and went to a bedroom to lie down. [Redacted name] took off her jacket and jewlery. Mr. Kaepernick came behind her into the bedroom and started kissing her. She advised they were kissing [mouth] and Mr. Kaepernick started to undressed [sic] her. She got completely naked. Mr. Kaepernick told her that he was going to be right back and left the bedroom. They did not have sex. [Name redacted] advised that she was in bed naked and Mr. Patton and Mr. Lockette opened the door and "peeked" inside. She told them 'what are you doing? Where is Colin? Get out!' They closed the door and left. She cannot remember anything after that.'"

 Next, the woman alleged, things took a turn for the worse.

"[Name redacted] woke up in a hospital bed and doesn't remember how she got there or who transported her to the hospital. [Name redacted] advised that she has had a sexual relationship with Mr. Kaepernick in the past."

49ers General Manager Trent Baalke told TMZ reports that the team is "gathering the pertinent facts." The full text of the incident report is below.


Colin Kaepernick sexual assault incident report by FitztheReporter