Happy May Day, San Francisco


Happy May Day, comrades, and what a fine May day it is even if the urgent mayday spirit on this International Workers Day doesn’t seem as strong as some recent years past in the Bay Area.

While Russia seems to be rediscovering its previous practice of massive May Day marches marked by anti-Western propaganda, spurred on by renewed nationalism from the standoff in Ukraine, May Day has never been very big in the US.

The holiday celebrated throughout the world with workers showing their strength and demanding their fair share of our collective wealth marks the anniversary of a labor demonstration that turned violent and triggered a harsh crackdown in Chicago in 1886. While the socialists of the Second International adopted the May Day holiday in 1889, the American holiday of Labor Day was adopted as a bland alternative meant to take the radical edge off of workers movements.

But many leftists in the US retained an affinity for May Day, and it was infused with a renewed spirit and radical energy by supporters of immigration reform and an end to deportations that divide up families, with massive marches in major US cities in 2006 catching the media and political establishment off-guard.

 Then, two years ago, fresh off of the Occupy Wall Street (and Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Oakland, etc.), some young anarchists rampaged through the Mission District, breaking windows, spray painting luxury cars, attacking a police station, and generally targeting what they saw as the forces of wealth and gentrification, albeit in a misguided and widely condemned way.

Today’s big May Day march in San Francisco starts at the 24th Street BART Plaza, again strongly emphasizing the need for immigration reform, but also marrying that cause with the anti-displacement and anti-eviction activism that are roiling San Francisco these days. [The poster for the event even features a photo of a recent Google bus blockade CORRECTION: The photo is actually of immigration activists blocking a deportation bus.]

Meanwhile, in the East Bay, the main May Day march begins at 3:30pm at the Fruitvale BART Street, also with a focus on social justice and immigration reform. So get on out there, comrades, you have nothing to lose but your chains.  


May Day was created in the US during the struggle for the 40 hour work week, ie., the weekend. The rev still continues. Our struggle never stops.

There is now a new 4th stage, of the tech revolution happening now,
that could create 100,000 jobs and bring more money to SF.
The 4th Revolution is the solar revolution coming now.

Example: Lancaster, Ca., just passed a law requiring all new homes to be 100% solar powered.

At the same time, LA county passed a solar feed in tariff ( FiT ) law requiring the Utilities to pay home owners who feed solar onto the grid $0.17 kwh.
Ontario, Can., pays $0.79 kwh.
Japan pays $0.53 kwh.

If SF would adopt a FiT, requiring PG&E to pay $0.49 kwh, that would empower all building owners to be able to solarize their buildings and make $1,000.+ a month from feeding solar onto the grid.
This will be bigger than MAY DAY!

PG&E forbids anyone from putting up enough panels to harvest over 100% solar. We are not allowed to harvest surplus solar energy, in one of the richest solar states in the world.

That makes no sense.

Right now PG&E rips off about $5 million a year from home owners who feed their surplus solar onto the grid.
Pure criminal theft of our solar energy.

SF has the local authority to require PG&E to pay for surplus solar energy.
That is what atty. Helen Slojjki did in NY state. It is good law.
The communist revolution continues. Now it is solar.

Posted by Paul Kangas on May. 08, 2014 @ 8:26 pm

Guys, just come to Greece... we've got May Day spirit all year round !!!

Posted by Athena on May. 10, 2014 @ 5:07 am

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