Which Muni lines aren't running during the #MuniSickOut?

Riders pack in to a 38 Muni as 400 of Muni's 600 scheduled buses sit in garage's and lots, undriven.
Photo by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

Update: This article has been updated with new information (which lines aren't running?) for the second day of the sickout, Tuesday.

Everyone is scrambling for a way home during the #MuniSickOut, with over 400 of Muni's 600 scheduled buses out of service.

No, it's not technically a transit strike, but with so many workers calling in sick, it may as well be. Muni transit workers are protesting increases in pension contributions under a contract agreement with the SFMTA. Muni operators voted 1,198 to 42 to shoot down the contract, the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A announced earlier today.

In the wake of the delays, Muni released a list of bus lines that are in service, while also advising people find "alternative forms" of transit. Basically: Today, you can't get a ride with us.

Sources are still unclear if the "sick out" will continue on into tomorrow. Until then, here's a list of Muni lines running for the Tuesday morning commute, via the SFMTA as of 6am:


Muni Service

All routes and lines continue to experience missed and delayed service. Even with 100 additional vehicles on the street today, significant delays will remain. Customers should expect crowding and waits of up to 60 minutes. Some routes may be turned back mid route to help minimize crowding. Announcements will be made via NextBus, on vehicles or in Metro stations.

Muni Metro (J Church, K Ingleside, L Taraval, M Ocean View, N Judah, T Third)

  • All Muni Metro rail lines will operate on their regular routes and continue to operate with two-car trains to maximize capacity.

Muni Bus Service

  • No limited-stop service (affects the 5L, 9L, 14L, 28L, 38L)
  • The following routes will not operate:
    • 1AX/BX, 31AX/BX, 38AX/BX
    • 16X, 88
    • 3 Jackson – The majority of stops on this route are covered by the 2 Clement
  • 8AX Bayshore Express and 8BX will operate without changes.

The cable cars are not in operation. Cable car lines will continue to be covered by limited bus shuttle service.

The F Market Line will continue to operate between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building. For service along Market Street, please use Muni Metro.

Below we've posted some frustrated Muni rider tweets from today's #MuniSickOut.