Daily Show skewers Glassholes and Sarah Slocum

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones fashions his own Google Glasses, asking, what is it like to be discriminated against for wearing Google Glass?
Image courtesy of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The last time the Daily Show with Jon Stewart skewered San Francisco in relation to Google, Stewart asked "why are they protesting those buses anyway?" Last night though, the Daily Show fire shot straight at Google and everyone's favorite Glasshole: Sarah Slocum.

Slocum made national news from the now infamous fight over her Google Glasses one night at Molotov's, a local bar. After patrons told her she (as a techie) was "ruining the city" (and to not record them as they drank), a fight ensued and someone pulled them straight off her face and ran. The incident was spinned as a "hate crime" against techies, by techies. People of color everywhere sighed, collectively.  

In the Daily Show segment, correspondent Jason Jones delightfully skewers Slocum, who claims patrons were afraid she was video recording them ("Which you were," he tells her, as we watch video she shot at the bar), and gives the Googlers the ultimate secret to avoiding "discrimination."

Take the glasses off.

Slocum, to her credit, seems to have taken the ribbing in stride. Via her Twitter:



Check out the segment, below.