God's Girls bare their souls (and more)


Juliette Tang continues her journey into the altporn world. Read her interview with Vivid-Alt's Eon McKaye here .


God's Girls is an altporn site that is like SuicideGirls except for the fact that it's not SuicideGirls - and nor does God's Girls mention "Suicide" anywhere in the title, which makes me like them more on default. Plus, they have Stoya, and they don't lock their models into impossible contracts. Based in California, God's Girls offers user-submitted DIY erotic photos and videos, plus a social networking community with user blogs, discussion boards, original writing, interviews and more. In our current installment of altporn interviews, the SFBG sat down with Annaliese Nielson, founder of God's Girls, to learn more about the altporn, DIY erotica, and the GG way of things.

SFBG: First, what is the story behind your site?
AN: God's Girls was an idea that i developed over the course of the summer of 2005. I knew a lot of hot girls who seemed to have no problem with nudity and I knew some amazing photographers, most notably Matthew Cooke, who I met during my own foray into modeling. And I had a generous friend who was willing to loan me the money to get everything going. It was just a very natural thing for me to get involved in. I saw myself surrounded by all of this fun and sexual openness and creativity and I knew it needed to be documented. I felt that I could do a better job than some of the people who have alt-erotica sites. I felt that I could be more fair to models, create better content and put together something that girls are proud to be a part of. It all came together relatively easily and after shooting content for a year (God's Girls has always been about amazing content and lots of it-- even when it was just a concept without a website yet) and the site launched in June of 06. This has truly been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have met so many amazing girls and amazing members of my site.

SFBG: Can you describe how you get the content for God's Girls? It's all DIY, right?

AN: There are a lot of girls on our site whose talents go far beyond their ability to just stand and look cute while a photographer takes their picture. We have a staff of amazing professional photographers who shoot about 60 percent of our content and the rest is content that is created by our models. We encourage the girls to use their digital cameras to create photosets of their own. We experience some resistance from some of the girls at first who felt that they could not create photosets on their own, but now that the ball is rolling the girls are really doing some great stuff. Some of the ladies who were the most unsure of their talents in the beginning have blossomed into great photographers. DIY is an important part of our culture and an important part of our site. our members love to see what the girls come up with. DIY sets are very personal. They are an opportunity to see the girl as she sees herself, in her own environment. We really enjoy the mix of high glamour pro sets and homemade art-porn on our site and the member response has been very positive. We want to strike a balance between fantasy and reality.

SFBG: How would you describe the aesthetic of this new crop of altporn models? What's altporn's "look" and what makes it different than the mainstream?
AN: I don't believe that there is necessarily a cohesive look for altporn. I think that each site has their unique brand of photography and their unique goals for how they want to present models and what they want to convey through photo sets and video clips. I think that some altporn sites have been really good at avoiding the redundancy that I have seen in a lot 'mainstream' adult content. We are very careful on God's Girls to avoid following formulas for every photoset. I have seen many adult sites and many mainstream adult photographers who follow a formula of putting a cute girl on a boring sofa, taking some pictures of her smiling, taking a few shots of her taking her top off, taking a few ass shots and then taking some spreads. How many times can the consumer be expected to look at these boring scenarios before they start to feel a little dead inside? Photographers on God's Girls strive to create a more real, cinematic experience with every model and location. We try to always introduce new settings, new scenarios, etc. We don't want only show someone a beautiful nude model. We want to appeal to a wide variety of sensori-emotional values. Definitely at God's Girls we want to make porn that is not just something that you look at for two minutes and forget about or don't see the point of revisiting. We want to appeal to people's intellectual nature while arousing them physically. My generation grew up with the internet and we have seen it all. We need more. I think it's cool if what you are consuming online has some meaning beyond getting off. But you should be able to get off to it as well, haha.

SFBG: In what ways does altporn incorporate real life subcultures?
AN: Well, I think that altporn will always be a representation of what is in-the-now for the customer that it is appealing to, the models that it features and the culture that it represents. The Y generation are furious followers of new trends in fashion, art, music, film etc and our site is a reflective of those nuances. Altporn will go where ever the models go and will evolve as the culture evolves. I personally see fewer and fewer applications from stereotypically 'goth' models so perhaps that look has become less trendy. However, there will always be a place on our site for those who are not just fitting into one role or another simply because it is trendy.

SFBG: What are the current 'trends' in altporn?
AN: Haha, well, maybe this is kind of besides the point but I see altporn as becoming a model now for the mainstream adult industry. I think that mainstream adult webmasters are spending a lot of time right now crying about the economy and the tube sites and the pirating problems when, in my opinion, the real issue is that many of the major companies are incredibly out of touch with the Y-gen consumers, and people are not signing up for their sites because they don't want to be bored. Community has always been a very important aspect of altporn and many sites have wisely integrated social features into their websites. I think that altporn will keep doing what we have been doing and the smart sites like God's Girls, Burning Angel, and others will continue to reinvest in our sites, develop tons more content stay on top of web trends. The sites in the mainstream parts of adult and even in altporn who can't keep their updates consistent and can't keep their websites fresh will die. I personally am very excited for the future of adult.

SFBG: Since our newspaper is located in San Francisco, can you tell me what you know about God's Girls' involvement in our city?
AN: We have some God's Girls in San Francisco and in other parts of the Bay and Northern California, and I am sure they are involved in all kinds of wonderful stuff in your foggy city. We have some girls who are students up there and we have had a few parties there. I am sure there will be more san fran events in the future, and I will come up to eat oysters and clam chowder and drive down the crooked street.