Pillow fight!


By Molly Freedenberg

Lesbians do it in bed.

It seems everyone has a pillow fight fantasy. For some, it's along the lines of the slumber party/adolescent masturbation material variety. For the brilliant cacophonists who started the annual Valentine's Day pillow fight in Justin Herman Plaza, it's more flash mob than skin flick. But don't think that takes any of the sexiness out of it.

Oh, no.

In fact, there are few things more exciting, more cathartic, and just plain fun than hundreds of strangers hitting each other with soft things in the name of love. So grab your pals and your pillows and head to the Embarcadero on Saturday. Just remember: hide your bedding the best you can on the way there, and don't start swingin' til the clock hits six.

Hittin' it in 2008.

(Like public wackiness a la Santacon and the Pillow Fight? Start planning now for The Brides of March on March 14.)

Pillow Fight
Feb. 14, 6pm, free
Justin Herman Plaza, SF

Check out more Valentine's Day events at www.sfbg.com.

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