Three-way the free way


By Andrea Nemerson. View more here.


Dear Andrea: My boyfriend and I have talked about doing a threesome with another woman — I'm actually the one who really wants to, but he does too. Since we can't think of anyone we know who would work, we are thinking of placing a classified ad online. I've never done anything like this before, and was just wondering if you have any advice, like how to make it go smoothly and not be weird. Also, do you really think dental dams are necessary to make sure we don't get diseases from her? I am excited but also a bit nervous.


Three's Company

Dear Three:

How ... refreshing? The threesome idea usually seems to originate with the guy and have a whole lot to do with his "two chicks" fantasies and very little to do with the chicks in question, so they end up putting on a half-hearted show based on porn scenes they've watched, often also half-heartedly. Way to have some half-hearted sex, and often a big fight afterwards, especially if the guy manages to enjoy himself too much despite all the half-heartedness. Of course there'll be an even bigger fight if you enjoy yourself too much and he doesn't, which has been known to happen, so you might want to talk this through together a whole bunch before you do anything.