Suck my manhole part 3: Becoming Buck Angel


Justin Juul takes on singular porn hottie Buck Angel in part three of this exclusive SEX SF interview. Check out part two here.


SFBG: Do you think your involvement in porn helps you maintain such a strong sense of self?
Angel: For me, yes. I know that’s not the case with other people, but porn has definitely helped me feel more confident.

SFBG: Well, you certainly seem more confident and outgoing than other trans people I’ve met.

Angel: Like I said, my family has a lot to do with that. Many people who choose to change their sex don’t have much of a support system. But that’s never the determining factor. I had to do a lot of work on my own end to get to the point I’m at now. I went through a lot of therapy and a lot of tough times before I felt good. Lots of trans people have trouble adjusting because they take the easy way out and just do the hormone thing. But this is a mental situation -- probably more so than a physical one -- and people aren’t putting the time in like they should. They’re just jumping on this trendy transsexual bandwagon and fucking themselves up in the process. It’s, like, cool to be a transsexual now, you know?

SFBG: It’s difficult to do though, right? I mean, isn’t there a standardized process you have to go through?
Angel: There is, but you can always kind of get around that. I took my time in therapy and then found good doctors, but I notice a lot of people these days are just, like, scoring hormones and injecting themselves without even thinking about how the drugs fuck with your mind. I mean, some people don’t even go to the doctor! And then, five years down the road after they’re all fucked up both physically and mentally, they’re like “Fuck, I wanna go back!” I mean, a woman can’t just grow a mustache one day and then decide she doesn’t want it anymore. This is a life-changing path. I changed my life!

SFBG: It’s like a tattoo times a hundred.
Angel: Exactly. If you’re not absolutely sure about things, you should not do what I did.

SFBG: But you didn’t actually do it all the way, right? I mean, you don’t have a dick. What’s up with that?
Angel: Well, I really wanted one for a long time, but the technology just isn’t there yet. Maybe in 10 years, it will be, but not now.

SFBG: Do they just not work or something?
Angel: They don’t fucking work, dude! That’s the thing. You can’t get hard, you can’t have an orgasm, and you can’t even pee through most of them. Also, they’re really hard to make. They have to cut skin off your back and pull tendons out. It’s just too much. And look, if someone told you they could give you a bigger cock, but that you’d never be able to come again, would you do it?

SFBG: Nope.
Angel: That’s what I’m talking about. They just can’t make a good dick right now and until they can, I’m happy with my pussy. Besides, those things are really expensive and my business is based around the fact that I have a pussy. I don’t even think about it anymore, to tell you the truth. And as far as my sex life goes, I have tons of dildos so nobody’s complaining. Trust me!

SFBG: You’re talking about your wife, I’m guessing. How was that at first? Did you hide your junk from her for a while?
Angel: No fucking way. I’ve never hidden this from anyone.

SFBG: I was just wondering because you always hear stories about chicks-with-dicks going home with straight guys and then getting in trouble when their stuff pops out.
Angel: A lot of transsexual women do that and yeah, they wind up getting the shit kicked out them or killed. Not only is it dangerous to hide your true identity, but it’s also really disrespectful toward yourself and to the people you want to date. Honesty is really the only way to go in that situation. If the person you’re going home with is into it, then they’re into it; and if they’re not, they’re not.

Next Week: Buck talks about the trans community and the future.