I see London, I see France ...


By Juliette Tang


Attention all you narcissists, fetishists, and exhibitionists, Bombshell Betty's crew of pin-up photographers are coming to San Francisco this Sunday, March 15, and they want to take naughty photos of you in your unmentionables. If you bring your bod to Hotel Frank in Union Square on Sunday between 3 to 9pm, along with your cutest skivvies and your sassiest 'tude, you'll get some star treatment that includes a pin-up posing workshop, a hair and make-up session, and a photoshoot that will make you feel like a burlesque goddess like Bombshell Betty herself. Afterward, you get to keep the disc of more than 200 of your own pin-up portraits, which will make a great present for a significant other, and an even better present for yourself. If you can't make it this Sunday to the group session, you can schedule a private one here.

Along with being the birthplace of Bombshell Betty, San Francisco is also home to other talented pin-up photographers who can help you channel the spirits of Betty Page and Gypsy Rose Lee. Check out some more great local pin-up photography services, after the jump.

Darling Propaganda is run by Mona, a San Francisco cheesecake photographer who used to work as a pin-up model herself. She's a talented photog whose pics perfectly capture the essence of tongue-in-cheek sexy. She's done work for Zivity and Suicide Girls, and she really knows her stuff!

Haight-Ashbury's Dollhouse Bettie offers boudoir photography along with some pretty fab lingerie at their classy, vintage-minded boutique. A one two punch.

In all Kelly's pictures at Bay Area Pin-Ups, the models look like they're having a ton of fun - as they should be, traipsing around in Agent Provocateur, sprinkled in rosebuds. Bonus: she does hair and make-up herself, and you can check out the before and after pics.

In addition to pin-up photography, Jim Ferreira takes classic glamor and film noir pictures that capture the spirit of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Ruby Rieke's retro pin-up photos can make you look like an All-American Vargas girl or channel the absinthe-drenched ghosts of Weimar Berlin. Black and white, sepia, and color, all her photos look incredible.