Strap 'em on and ride with IMsL


By Marke B.


"It's THAT time again. Time to pack your leathers, shine up your latex, lace that damned corset, polish those sexy black boots and get your hot ass to San Francisco. International Ms Leather Weekend is calling YOU!"

Hells yeah. Two years ago, Hunky Beau and I had the unique pleasure of attending the climactic event of this wondrous annual weekend-long affair, the International Ms. Leather competition. We were surprised not only by the warmth and openness of the community but by the humor, dedication, and depth displayed by all the contestants -- those skill-testing questions were hard! (The best one: "You're given a stick of gum, a SuperBall, and a frog. How would you use them in a scene?") And the outfits and talent numbers were damn hot-hot-hot. At the end we were cheering all the contestants on like happily disciplined schoolboys.

International Ms. Boot Black 2007 Ms. V (front), IMsL runners up Shdiva and Joanne G (right and left) and IMsL 2007 Lauren, from Phoenix. Photo by David Schnur.

It looks like registration is still open for all you sexy (and sexy curious) leatherwomen out there. This is a perfect opportunity to network with your peers, learn a few deliciously naughty and technically challenging tricks, check out an incredibly diverse array of hotties, renew your commitment to the leather code (Honesty, Trust, Respect, and Integrity), and, of course, cruise the multiple play spaces!

International Ms. Leather Weekend 2009
w/ International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Boot Black competition
March 17-19, 2009

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