Peepshow: Missed Connection, found somehow


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Who: Hardcore Christians and other ridiculous assholes probably won’t agree with me here, but the truth about human desire is that it knows no bounds and is utterly insatiable. What this means is that you can be totally happy and living a life of ease with your soul mate, but that you’re never going to stop wondering what it’d be like to jump in a closet with that hot guy/girl who makes your stupid latte every morning. And then there’s all those chicks and dudes at the park and in the check-out line at Safeway, just standing around in cutoff shorts daring you to risk your life for a one night stand. Torture! In a perfect world, you could fall in love and go on romantic vacations with every doable person you see. But it’s not a perfect world (no cake if you plan on eating, remember?) and so if you want to keep things cool with your long-term lover, those evil sirens just have to be ignored. Or do they? If you live in San Francisco and happen to have a computer, you’ve probably heard of the missed connections section on Craigslist. It’s basically a message board for people who locked eyes with someone recently, decided to stay away for whatever reason, and then thought better of that decision afterward. Now they want to either see that person again or publicly-yet-anonymously fantasize about reconnecting. Girls getting off busses, dudes with perfect hair on connecter flights, baristas, waiters, and rugged gas-station attendants are what the missed connections section is all about. You can pine for them on Craigslist all you want, but if you’re feeling really adventurous, you’ll show up at this art show for another small nibble of forbidden fruit.

What: “Missed Connection: Souvenirs of Brief Encounters” is an art show for people who wish they’d had the guts to talk to that girl with the curly hair and brown shoes who got off BART at Civic Center yesterday afternoon and then immediately hailed a cab and disappeared.
What a bummer too, because she was about two seconds away from meeting and falling in love with the dude who kept staring at her from across the aisle. Well, don’t worry, there’s still a chance. Local artist, Claudia Tennyson, spent months tracking down and interviewing people like the mystery girl and her painfully shy stalker. Afterward, she turned the whole thing into an art project and then posted an open invitation to all crush objects on Craigslist. Tennyson’s show will feature performances, skits, and “souvenirs” designed to reconnect shy people with their seemingly lost loves. Expect a lot of flushed cheeks, wringing hands, and sideways glances from people you pass on your way to work every morning.

Where: Climate Theater (3225 22nd ST, SF). FREE.

When: Sunday, April 12. 6:00-9:00pm.