Peepshow: The Masturbate-A-Thon cometh


Each week Justin Juul highlights a rad upcoming local sexy event


Who: Last year, a Japanese man named Mr. Masanobu Sato came to San Francisco and masturbated in public for nearly ten hours straight. Had he done this in any other city, he might have been thrown in jail or at least laughed at relentlessly. But this is the sexiest place on earth so Mr. Sato got a gold medal instead. He also got a lot of media attention for the toy company he works for, Tenga, Japan’s premier manufacturer of disposable and reusable wank cups. Obviously, becoming a world champion has done wonders for Sato’s career (sales are up, employee-of-the-month certificates are hanging, etc) and so he has no choice but to defend his record. That’s why he’ll *probably be coming back to our city again this year for The Center for Sex and Culture’s annual Masturbate-a-thon. Join Mr. Masanobu Sato, Sister Roma, Fellatio Brown, Dr. Carol Queen, and other famous wankers as they play with their junk in the name sex positivism. Exhibitionists, porn-addicts, and totally normal people like you and me are encouraged to ogle, vote, and even participate in this year’s exhibition/contest.

What: The Masturbate-a-thon is an annual pledge drive for The Center for Sex and Culture during which people gang up in a hot and sweaty room to watch each-other jerk off for an entire day. Sounds like fun, right? But what if you’re not an exhibitionist? No worries. The whole show is going to be broadcast live on the Internet so that shy people can join in too. Just remember, this is a charity event, so if you want to participate, you’re going to have to get some cash pledged on your behalf. Now turn off Fleshbot, pull your hands out of your sweatpants, start phoning your rich friends, and get ready for a day of self-loving fun! Categories include “Most Money Raised,” “Most Orgasms,” and “Longest Squirt.” The winners in each category get prizes, a pat on the back, and a lifetime of wishing Google was never invented.

Where: The Center for Sex and Culture (1519 Mission ST, SF).

When: Saturday, May 02. 3:00pm.

Why: Because there ain’t no law against it. – Cyndi Lauper

*Mr. Masanobu Sato is a busy man [Apparently! -Ed.] and hasn’t fully committed yet