Are those warm beignets in your pocket?


By Ariel Soto

Steamy, gooey, French ...

This week all over San Francisco restaurants are cooking up hot and steamy dishes, in honor of TasteTV's new book Sexy Dishes: San Francisco -- A Guide to Who's Hot in the Kitchen (TCB Cafe) a celebration of some of the best chefs who are cooking up the most sensuous meals in the city.

I stopped by the Beach Chalet last night to try the restaurant's featured sexy dish, beignets by their pastry chef Amy Heater. The beignets, which are like miniature doughnuts, were served with an espresso and Bailey's anglaise for dipping and were light and airy. Although I usually don't think of donuts as sexy, these little, perfectly round balls were quite satisfying, especially when they were carefully dipped in a layer of sweet, gooey sauce. ("Schweddy Balls" they are not.)

To find out which restaurants are participating in Sexy Dishes Week, and what specials they're offering, check out the Web site: