An etymology lesson on dongs with supplemental dick-tionary


By Juliette Tang

Here's a sexual etymology lesson of the day. Did you know that the term "penis" is only 341 years old? Most etymologists agree that the English word "penis" comes from the Latin word for "tail". Before "penis" was adopted as the standard noun for the male sexual organ, English speakers used the term "yard", which the English Dictionary lists as having been used from 1379-1668. Now how about that.

... And while we're on the topic of etymology, I put together a Dick-tionary this morning for your enjoyment. This index has not yet been peer-reviewed, so please do not hesitate to inform us if there are any synonyms you would like us to add to this important list.

A Adam's Finger Adam's Rod Anal-yzer Avenger
B Baby Maker Bald-Headed Butler Baloney Banana Bearded Sausage Beef Injection Belly Buster Blade Blue-Veined Meatroll Bone Boner Broomstick Bum Tickler Butt Plug
C Cack Carnal Stump Carrot Chode Chubby Cock Crack Haunter Creamsicle Creamstick Crotch Rocket
D Dagger Dart of Love Devirginator Dick Ding-Dong Dingus Divining Rod Doider Domepiece Dong Dragon Drill
E Eel Ejaculator
F Family Organ Fiddlestick Fishing Rod Fornicator Frankfurter Fucker
G Ghengis Cock Giggle Stick Gooser Gravy Make Greaser Gristle Gut Buster
H Ham Bone Ham Cannon Hammer Hanging Johnny Hard On Heat-Seeking Missile Hooded Cobra Horn Hose Hot Dog Hot Rod Hot Sausage
J Jack in the Box Jackhammer Jake the Snake Javelin Johnny One Eye Johnson Joy Stick Junk
K Kidney Cracker Kielbasa Knob Knocker
L Lance Lightsaber Little Willy Lizard Lollipop Long John Love Dart Love Gun
M Man-Root Master John Thursday Mayo Gun Meat Meat Whistle Member Merry Maker Middle Leg Milkman Mister Goodwrench Mister Tom Mouse Mushroom Head My Little Pony
N Nimrod Noodle
O Octogon Old Blind Rob Old Faithful One-Eyed Milkman One-Eyed Monster
P Pant Muscle Pecker Peen Pencil Peter Phallus Pickle Pile Driver Pinnochio's Nose Pisser Pistol Plug Tail Pocket Rocket Poker Pole Axe Pongo Pork Steeple Pork Sword Power Drill Prick Pride and Joy Prong Python
Q Quimstake
R Ram Ramrod Raw Meat Reamer Rod Rolling Pin Root Rudder
S Salami Sausage Sceptre Schlong Schlort Sconge Scythe Sexer Shaft Short Arm Skin Flute Snake Spout Staff Stiffy Stump Sugar Stick
T Table Leg Tally-Whacker
That Thing I Don't Really Want to Put in My Mouth Thing Third Leg Throbber Thumper Thunder Bolt Torch of Cupid Toy Trouser Snake Tube Steak Tunneler
U Uncle Dick
V Violater Vlad the Impaler Vomiting Cobra
W Wand Wang Weapon Wedding Tackle Weener Weenie Whistle Wick Widowmaker Willy Womb Ferret Wood Worm
X XXX-calibur
Y Yang Yosh
Z Zinger Zubrick


You must not have hung around the City very long (no pun intended), or you'd definitely have included "Lingam" or its translation "Wand of Light"

Posted by Anonymous on May. 07, 2009 @ 2:00 pm

add: DoGoodHer aka:Doogy
Why concentrate on the English? Go Egyptian! Our word cock comes from their 4,000 year old word "Kuk" in hieroglyphics meant cock, penis, darkness. Cock's sister is called cunt from "Ka-t" So they have the last word of origins. From Egypt to Canaanites to English. Both cock and cunt are used equally throughout the ages until our modern feminist movement cried otherwise. But then the feminist movement is not for cocks either, not for elevating, just good for cutting as pictured here, so hold on and protect your "leg" (Moses euphemism for penis).
Demand equal rights, support

Posted by Frank McGinness on Jul. 08, 2009 @ 1:55 am

Really dude? You're gonna get all hysterical about feminists? I'm sure they have SO much power -- they control everything! Look out! There's one behind you right now, controlling all of linguistic history! Mommy's gonna get you!!

I'm hoping you're not really representative of the MGM movement, because that would make it really creepy. I would think that it's in fact other men that would have a vested interest in cutting part of your penis off, actually, not women.

Posted by Marke B. on Jul. 08, 2009 @ 5:15 am

Marke B. - I get your point. To clarify, female minors since 1996 are protected from genital cutting, even from drawing a drop of blood for ritual circumcision, males are not. The mainstream feminist movement would not stand for equal protection for males because and I quote what was said to me " would water down our efforts to protect females from circumcision." and saying they "are not the same". There is no need to concentrate on the degree of cutting. All cutting is wrong.There should be no unnecessary cutting of minors genitals regardless female or male. Albeit more and more feminists are joining against male circumcision but through outreaching to feminist orgs. I still get the same claptrap. Now why is this (pictured) mutilated penis idolized here? It is only part of a penis, a handicapped penis paying tribute to genital mutilation. Disgusting to put forth. Support Intact America

Posted by Frank McGinness on Aug. 18, 2009 @ 4:06 am