News flash: Power Exchange is a SEX CLUB


By Marke B

Sorry, you'll have to go back to church for that ... for now

I hate to rise to the usual nauseating bait of Chronicle writer C.W. Nevius almost as much as I'd have hated to wade into the sheer time-waste of that whole Miss California gay marriage debacle-thingy, but a hilarious oopsie in his latest half-hearted diatribe -- celebrating how something called the Brady Street Neighborhood Coalition "has stopped the Power Exchange, a sex club, from opening on Gough Street" -- popped me a ironic one comparable to those Carrie Prejean pink-panty shots. To whit:

The neighborhood group isn't just a bunch of prudes. The Power Exchange had been located nearby, after all, and no one had a problem with what was going on inside. It was the unruly behavior outside that was troubling.

And yet, a couple paragraphs later:

When the landlord brought a client to another property, he was picketed with one sign announcing that he "rents to a SEX CLUB."

Wait -- I thought they didn't have a problem with that? Or was this just one rotten prune among the supposed non-prudes? It's so hard to tell when sex is involved -- which I guess could have been a slogan for the PE all along.

Power Exchange owner Mike Powers has vowed to continue his relocation efforts elsewhere -- “I can’t let [the city] win now. I have to reopen … because now it’s become a battle where they’re saying Power Exchange isn’t acceptable,” Powers said to the oddly toned Mission Local blog (I wouldn't exactly trust that bracketed insertion -- the city itself had no beef with the joint.) Let's hope his SEX CLUB can find a place in the city where people have SEX and know that part of living here means CLUBS. Let's hope it's soon -- I'll meet you there with some celebratory non-alcoholic bubbly and tales of my favorite adventures in the old medical room.

PS My absolute favorite part of this whole dust-up is that the main complaint of the Brady Coalition folks about the PE's threat to the community is that people were dropping condoms out of their car windows. I'm totally anti-litter, but this calls up in my mind the wonderfully surrealistic vision of a rainbow of rubbers being flung out of Honda Civics up and down the street. Plus, I guess it's a relief from normals going postal about "spreading disease," at least. Safe sex = the new AIDS!