Sexy, scary surfers tonight at Zombie Beach Party


By Molly Freedenberg

The Living Dead Girls were sexy and scary at Hubba Hubba's Creepshow Peepshow last year. Photo by Patrick McCarthy.

Here's the setting: If Annette came back from the dead and ate Frankie's brains. If Gidget gorged on Moon Dog's entrails before catching a sweet wave. If Brian Wilson were not just King of the Beach Boys but King of the Undead. If the Australian altrock band were called Dead Can Surf. If all you needed for a day at Baker was a big towel, a good book, and a large giblet smoothie...

Yup. It's Zombie Beach Party. And it's gonna be awesome.

I don't only say that because I'm going to be in it. In fact, the new dance my Richard Cheese-inspired troupe, the Cheese Puffs, will debut on Friday has plenty of potential to go horribly wrong - in the form of 7 bounce-able, lose-able, unpredictable beach balls (though, to be fair, they'll be bounced or lost or -- gasp! -- even kept by 7 adorable showgirls).

No, it's because so much of the evening has the potential to go horribly, grotesquely, disgustingly right.

The event at DNA is co-hosted by Hubba Hubba Revue -- the wacky variety/burlesque production team that brings vaudeville-style antics to Oakland's Uptown every Monday, to DNA Lounge at least every month, and, increasingly, to other events around town (if it's bawdy, sexy, well-organized, and funny, it's probably Hubba Hubba's doing) -- and the Living Dead Girlz -- the troupe of sexy undead dancers whose (actual dance) choreography is matched only by their zombie-licious costumery and storylines.

Between Kingfish and Eddie's banter and the LDG's guaranteed sexiness, you might not even need another reason to go. But just in case, keep in mind the rest of the show will feature burlesque favorites like Sparkly Devil (who performed at last year's Best of the Bay party), Honey Lawless, and Dottie Lux, all doing their nearly-naked best to honor surf and zombie movies of yore.

Zombie Beach Party
Friday, June 5
$7 with costume, $10 without
DNA Lounge
375 11th St., SF


LDG demo reel.

Kingfish and Sparkly at the Guardian's Best of the Bay party last year.