Hot sex events this week: Nov 4- 10


Compiled by Molly Freedenberg

Twinkle Toes McGee, seen here at Hubba Hubba Revue: Post-Apocalypse, teaches a series of sexy, sweaty classes during Burlesque Boot Camp.


>> Sex Workers' Writing Workshop
Gina de Vries hosts this workshop for current and former sex workers who want to share their writing and get honest, non-judgmental feedback.

Wed/4, 6-8pm
Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission, SF


>> Nasty
Suzan Revah hosts this filthy fun-raiser for AIDS Emergency Fund, including Nasty Boys playing Stick It In, dirty dancing, dirty demos, and free massage by Alex of Club Eros.

Fri/6, 10pm
1347 Folsom, SF
(415) 552-8689


>> Red Hots Burlesque
Celebrate the birthday of Ruby White, part of the cast of SF's first Red Hots Burlesque show, along with Dottie Lux, Honey Penny, Lady Satan, The Fying Fox, Peggy Sue, and Ruby H-white.

Fri/6, 7:30pm
El Rio
3158 Mission, SF


>> First Friday Follies
Join host Margaret France and Balla Fire, Madam Chartreuse, Cupcake, Ophelia Coeur de Noir, Amateur Hour, Charlie Starr, and musical guests Poisonous Great White Lion Snake for this burlesque show and more.

Fri/6, 9:30pm
Stork Club
2330 Telegraph Ave, Oakl


>> Erotic Alchemy: Cooking Up Sex & Spirit
Francesca and Tahil of The Sacred Courtesan School and Daka Coach University explore, debate, guide experiences, and dialogue around the purpose and power of relating in two chakras, this time the 6th and 2nd for men and women. This event includes a trunk show of Darina's sensual designs, tantalizing potluck snacks, and a ecstatic dance and hot tubbing afterparty.

$20-$40 (free for participants of Daka or Courtesan School)
Terra's Temple
654 Oakland Ave, Oakl
Register at


>> Shotgun Cabaret with Hubba Hubba
Kingfish and Eddie team up with Shotgun Players for a show featuring comedy, music, and a bit of oo-la-la.

Sat/7, 8 & 10pm
Shotgun Theater
1901 Ashby, Berk
(510) 841-6500 x303


>> Burlesque 'n' Brass
Join Hot Pink Feathers and Blue Bone Express for some hot cabaret showgirl dance and cool jazz.

Sat/7, 8:30pm
Cafe Van Kleep
1621 Telegraph, Oakl


>> "Ritual" Visual Art Opening
Femina Potens presents an exhibition paying sacrament to our beautiful and creative customs, with Jeeti Singh exploring ideas of restraint and religious culture, Shelley Monahan displaying curiosities that focus on the ritual of consumption, and Daisy Eneix embracing the visceral and ephemeral power of our physicality. Exhibit on display through November 29.

Sat/7, 7:30pm
Femina Potens
2199 Market, SF


>> Spank!!!!
Celebrate Tony Koester's birthday and toy drive with shot specials, door prizes, sexy entertainment, and, of course, spanking.

Sat/7, 9pm
1347 Folsom, SF
(415) 552-8689


>> Kentucky Fried Woman's Barnyard Follies: An Evening of Animal Fun
Alotta Boutte, Jukie Sunshine, Momma's Boyz, Simone de la Getto, Amelia May Paradise and The Mystery Pig, Jay Walker and Delicio del Toro, and TuffNStuff join KFW for a hysterical evening of burlesque dancers transforming into an array of animal characters to celebrate people of size and their allies.

Sat/7, 9:30pm
3411 MacArthur Blvd, Oakl


>> Burlesque Boot Camp: Creating and Refining a Solo
Join TwinkleToes McGee, SF's newest boylesque performer, for the second in this series of classes geared towards both burlesque dancers and those who just want to break a sweat in a fun way. In this class, you'll learn original choreography, refine your performance technique, and create a solo dance number set to four different styles of music.

Sun/8, 5-6pm
$60/4 class series; $17/walk-in
Shotwell Studios
3252 19th St, SF


>> Guest Pole Instructor
Slinky Productions presents special guest instructor Christina, who will teach pike straddle splits inversion, the merry go round, wide hip body-wind, and more intermediate/advanced pole dance moves during this special class.

Mon/9, 8-10pm
Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission, SF
(510) 465-7607


>> Ask Our Docs: Cock Rings
Dr. Charlie Glickman answers your questions about the purpose and use of cock rings in this comfortable workshop.

Tues/10, 5:30pm
Good Vibrations Polk Street STore
1620 Polk, SF
(415) 345-0400



add one to my recent fg lorca post.

yes, the photo of me at the site by the tree with the roses on the ground is the site, where they are now exhuming.

i just saw this via time online edition.

i have a foto of me reading a poem leaning over the granite monument i just noticed in the time photo....

this is all very heavy....

i did not need this news to get me re-interested in lorca when i wrote CHASING FREEDOM living in spain from 2004-2005
i had been interested in this great man since first reading his poetry in san francisco in the 70s when i read often at the coffee gallery on grant ave. and was attending the sfai.
this brings it all back up.

go to the above site and go to
selected poetry 2004-2005

photo is at top. i look "heavy" in foto as i should be.
you can read exerpts of my book at the books google site or get it online at amazon,etc.

i was there 70 years after his the time of my visit to this site they thought was his death site it had been sixty eight years and seven days since his passing, i believe.

check out this great man and great poet.

via federico garcia!

Posted by paul heidelberg on Nov. 05, 2009 @ 12:33 am

viva federico garcia lorca

reading about the exhumation of the site where it is believed federico garcia lorca was buried (he died chiefly because he was gay and had no qualms about telling the world, and spain about it), i am thinking again and again about my visit to his gravesite in spain.

i think i was at the correct spot.
there were a dozen long stemmed roses....i was at the site aug. 27, 2004....he was killed aug. 20 1936, not in july as the new directions book of his poetry i bought in san francisco in 1972 stated, and repeated, erroneously in the one i bought in 2004.

with the wonders of the internet you can read about fg lorca in the book in wrote in spain when i lived there from 2004-2005. can also order the entire book through amazon, etc

go to the books google search site

just enter
by paul heidelberg

search for such things
federico garcia lorca


federico garcia lorca poem
hola lorca.

no one paid me to write about this great poet..i have been paid for newspaper and mag work for years...including such things as my sports illustrated, hemingway in key west piece.
just google my name and hem's
to get there...
ok check out this great poet.

and see what he did so couples of the same sex in san francisco, or anywhere, have the freedom to walk down the street hand in hand....or to kiss in public.
,,,i lived in san franisco for six years and graduated from the art college in the usa, the sfai.
with lorca,
the great irony..he was such a good catholic...

but the catholics were on the right, and he was on the left, politically speaking...

what a great poet
and he had balls..all his friends said do not go to granada, federico....stay in madrid you will be safe.

he went to go to his hometown,etc.

as i say in the poem,,,he died about ten miles from where he was born.

in the same day, i visited the place of his birth and the place of his death.

it is in my book.






paul heidelberg

i just read you are not supposed to put link ending in their..use my name and you now whath....the most used one..the one on this page after sfbg
go to my name....end of sfbg and

go to selected poetry 2004-2005 page at my name website
and you will see a photo of me at the site where he is believed to have died..i spent two hours walking the area between alfacar and viznar, where he died, so i got to it, i am sure....the whole visit was very, very, heavy..for me and for my two spanish friends...they had been there once before in the 70s as college students....

amazingly, he died very near a place that for 1,000 years the arabs called the fountain of tears as bubbles come to the surface of the water, and the arab poets thought they resembled tears.

the spring still cries for federico.

that is my poetic line for the day


Posted by paul heidelberg on Nov. 05, 2009 @ 12:19 am

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