Atlanta beats the pants off SF -- again


Hot guys mostly not in their underwear at Atlanta's 2009 Pride Parade

In general, San Franciscans deal with an existential crisis in one of two ways: binge drinking or making idle threats to move to New York. Usually, it's a combination of both. Concerning the latter, we frequently cite the Big Apple's better nightlife, for which we are prepared to sacrifice amazing food, outrageously mild weather, and overall happiness and sense of well-being.

Our behavior needs to stop. Listen, whatever problems you may have, New York isn't going to solve them for you. I learned this lesson the hard way. Once upon a time, I turned threat into reality. I packed up all my things, threw myself a teary goodbye party, and got an apartment in Williamsburg. Several months later, I was happily back in San Francisco. It was embarrassing.

Here's a piece of advice. Next time you hate your life, instead of threatening to move to New York City, why don't you threaten to move to Atlanta?


I'm serious. Last year, a Trojan sex study revealed that Atlantans are "most sexually satisfied" out of 10 cities surveyed. San Francisco ranked dead last. 73% of Atlantans participating in the survey professed to have satisfying sex. That's pretty good.

I know what you're thinking. Back then, I was skeptical too. Now, I'm prepared to suspend some of my disbelief. The Advocate just published an article on the 15 gayest cities in America, based on the number, per capita, of gay couples, gay bars, cruising spots, and gay films on Netflix queues, among other criteria. The gayest city, of course, was revealed to be... Atlanta?

What is it with this place?

San Francisco wasn't even on the list. Mike Albo writes, "This admittedly subjective search reveals spots that are much more pink than you might think. Determined by a completely unscientific but accurate statistical equation, these gayest cities may surprise you. Iowa City, Austin, and Asheville have more gays per capita than the biggies." On Atlanta, he says, "Atlanta guys are hunky... And who doesn’t love the sweet lilt of a Georgia accent on a knockout guy or gal?"

Admittedly, the Southern accent is cute. Next time you are sexually or otherwise frustrated enough to utter that old "I'm moving to New York" platitude, why not replace "New York" with "Atlanta"? Atlanta has better weather, a lower cost of living, and good-looking people, and the stats show that, whether straight or gay, Atlantans are having a lot of great sex. Repeat after me: "I'm moving to Atlanta!"

Before I get labeled a disgraceful turncoat, I'll admit I'm arguing Atlanta's case on the basis of reverse psychology. Those temporarily dissatisfied with the Bay Area might finally have a cure for their existential malaise! Imagine waking up tomorrow to find yourself living in Atlanta. Let that thought marinate for a while. You live in Atlanta. Suddenly, things don't seem so bad here, do they.


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