Hot sex events this week: March 24-30

The look... of in your eyes...

Spring is in the air -- how else to explain the uptick in the moods of our neighborhood flyboys and meter maids? Not to mention those high-waisted short-shorts the young people are sporting. I say, since May through July’s gonna be foggy anyways, let’s call it summer. So let’s get to lovin’ people, people. Here’s your sex events to-do list this week.

“Marks” by Aaron Nagel

Ironic as though it may sound, pedophilic priests have dealt the Catholic church a massive blow when it comes to its relationship with sexy imagery. But were we to move past their nefarious dealings, we would remember that the blood, the stylistic posings, the virgin/slut paradox -- these things are hot. Aaron Nagel recalls the fact with his current exhibition, comprised of brooding female nudes ensconced in saint-like, archery themed poses. 

Through Sat/27, free

Shooting Gallery 

839 Larkin, SF

(415) 931-8035


Quest for the Crown

The East Bay Kings put on this vamp-a-rama, which features the best of the girls who would be boys onstage talent this side of Tuesday. New performances (and performers) every week, guaranteed to get your Jacuzzi bubbling.

Wed/24 9:30 p.m., $5

White Horse Inn

6551 Telegraph, Oakland

(510) 652-3820


Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex

Has he been a good boy recently? Reward him with your attendance at this workshop, where Madison Young will go beyond the whole shtick with the banana to teach you how to politely decline that pesky gag reflex- plus ways in which fellatio can be just as fun for the partner that’s down on their knees.

Wed/24 8-10 p.m., $25-30

Good Vibrations 

603 Valencia, SF

(415) 522-5460


“Keep your Relationship Spark Alive”

God bless the Gay Couples Institute for giving homosexuals the chance to get as neurotic as straights- under professional supervision, of course. In addition to their regular therapeutic services programming, they’re sponsoring this couple’s “date night” who those who want to reinvigorate- and spice up- their bond. Plus, adult refreshments on the house. Advance registration recommended. 

Sat/27 5-6:30 p.m., free 

Pisco Latin Lounge

1815 Market, SF

(415) 552-4451


Intergenerational Story Circle: “Gender Identity and Roles in a Changing World”

Leave it to the Unitarians to throw together an all-inclusive ponder session on the state of our social-sexual psyches today. This month’s story circle focuses on how we’re defining gender these days- what it means to be a “man,” a “woman,” or a “transsexual” and how/if that’s different from our ideal roles. Feel free to use air quotations and the word “paradigm.”

Sun/28 12:30- 1:45 p.m., free

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

1924 Cedar, Berkeley

(510) 841-4824


Alice in Wonderland

Besides being a big, voluptuous romp in the mind of Lewis Carroll/Disney/Tim Burton (can you imagine a more twisted wonderland?), this Alice oozes sexual innuendo. She escapes the embarrassingly vanilla fumbles of her would-be fiancée to strike up an is-it-real frisson with her “friend,” Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. To show an actual affair between the two would be literary infidelity- and crazy! But we’re all mad here… 

In various Bay area theaters



Nothing like a man who can really stomp around. This continuation of the legendary leather bar’s legacy throws a fab fete for the underclothed burlies, with a bootblack on duty, of course. It’s sponsored by Stompers Boots, SF’s- no, make that America’s- sexiest bootery. Love the shop local spirit. Get you down to Folsom Street, young stud.

Sat/27 10 p.m. (go-go studs start @ 11:30 p.m.), free

Chaps II

1225 Folsom

(415) 225-CHAP


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