Up and at 'em! Guys, here's an egg of your own


My penis envy hit hard when I saw these delicious little eggs on the sex store shelf this week. Delicately soft with squishy insides and intriguing texture choices, I couldn't imagine how much fun it would be to stick it into Tenga's Egg Masturbation sleeves. Whether or not you like to blow in the direction of a uterus or not, guys everywhere can fertilize a cute egg of their own without the threat of baby-daddy duties.

Tenga's egg-shaped friends come in a six-pack carton for under $10 bucks and are great for a pleasurable self-rub in the morning or a late night cock 'n' egg breakfast. Peel off the outer shell like you would a hard-boiled egg and crack 'er open to reveal the "ona-cup." The Japanese-made sleeve comes in a variety of fun textures, offering all kinds of satisfying options: web patterns, vertical grooves notched out semi-cirlces and protruding spheres. As Good Vibrations advertises, "Different strokes from different yolks!" 

The eggs are made as a kind of one-night-stand: cheap, easy, quick, and disposable. They're intended as a single-session product, but to those who scramble lightly, you may get a couple of dates before their delicate shape distorts. 

tenga egg


Stimulate your head or stretch the translucent bob down your shaft. The egg's got a nice hole and even comes with a dab of lube for smooth fun. Reviews of the product are pretty positive, with notes that the first glimpse of your penis wearing an egg-hat are slightly humorous and also kinda hot. I'd give it a shot, but I don't think I'd quite get the same effect via dildo. 

Check them out for yourself at www.goodvibes.com

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