Earth Day sex feels even better than recycling

Time to get hard for green sex

Helping out endangered animals, picking up trash, composting-- all this talk of sustainable, natural goodness is hot. My body is aching to get in on the action, so who's down for getting eco-friendly with some private parts tonight? My sheets are organic?

Gettin' naked is as green as it gets and Mother Nature is all for frisky romps in the sack, but today is a good reminder that your love for animalistic humps can coincide with your love of the environment. Playing by Earth's rules is easy-- just let it all cum naturally: think dirty (pollution), nasty (landfills) thoughts and you'll be sure to make the sexiest decisions. Here are some green tits and tricks:

-When shopping for new bedroom toys and teasers, look for products that were manufactured somewhere nearby, or at least ones that don't require being shipped overseas.

-Choose natural materials and organic ingredients, just as you would for a feast-- treats that won't harm your insides or the Earth's pretty parts.

-Look for long-lasting toys that won't clog up the ol' landfill next year-- products with little, or recyclable, packaging.

Need some physical convincing? Check out Good Vibration's Earth Day Sale: 20 percent off all Ecorotic Toys at





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