Big package in the Castro


While walking through the Castro I was pleasently surpised (well, sort of surprised) to catch a glimpse of this big, hard package chillin' in the middle of the street. There are numerous sex toy havens within a few blocks of one another and somebody picked up a big, fat treat this afternoon. Apparently the new owner couldn't wait until reaching home to unwrap this Wildfire "Real Man Bangin' Boner", skipping the 'Try Me' test material on the side and undressing that bad boy right there on the 18th Street sidewalk. I wish I could've seen their face as the plastic ripped open-- I'm imaging a huge goofy smile, Christmas-morning, under-the-tree style.

Instead, I was treated with a look of shock and confusion from a passing tourist and his wife as they watched me take a photo of the cock casing. I giggled awkwardly and hoped he too would snap a shot with the camera hanging from his neck-- he did not.

Wild Fire

My curiousity burned and as soon as I got to a computer I googled the missing man shape. Mystery solved: This is the boner who previously inhabited the massive plastic shell. Standing tall with eight and a quarter insertable inches, he vibrates and dances, meaning someone in the neighborhood had or is still having, a superb afternoon with their new friend. Jealous?

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