Hot sexy events: May 5-11

Carlos Botelho's "Flor" provides a nice backdrop for Wed/5's lesbian tantra class

This week has us reaching back through the mists of time for our sex events -- you don't think you just evented that move from last week's date yourself, did you? Every moan, every thrust, has been brought to you in part by our ancestors (except for the extensive acronyms on Craig's List, most of those are today's originalities). So let's bring it back, shall we? This week you get the chance at SF Citadel's Sadie Hawkins to recall those butterflies produced by asking out that alpha dog to the high school dance, or for lovemaking even more steeped in antiquity, head to Good Vibes' lesbian tantra tell-all. Just don't expect these traditions to have gone un-improved throughout the years -- after all, the Kama Sutra's only got 64 positions on it's pages. I think San Francisco's got it beat by a couple dozen.

Lesbian Tantra
The ancient art of love is just so dreamy, but the thousand year old illustrations in the Kama Sutra can be so heterocentric. Fear not, lady lovers, for sexpert Pamela Madison has you covered -- in slick perspiration, creative positioning, and deep luxurious breath. Please note: clothes that allow for a bit of freedom of movement is preferred. Oh yes.
Wed/5 8-10 p.m., $25 single/$45 pair pre registered, $30 single/$50 pair drop-in
Good Vibrations
603 Valencia, SF
(415) 522-5460

Natural Sexual Health
Get your sexy on with this one-time course on holistic healing for horny hurrah. Nutritionist Bari Mandelbaum shares her learnin’ on non-urban legend aphrodisiacs, physical exercises to help improve the biology of your desire, general healthy body, healthy mind schtuff -- and “using food to set a mood”? Hello, George Costanza!
Thurs/6 6:30 p.m., $20-40 sliding scale
Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission, SF
(415) 255-1155

Tubesteak Connection
DJ Bus Station John presides over this slide into hot and sweaty -- rock to bath house beats, feel the slightly seedy vibes, and make some new friends down in the Tenderloin gay fun zone of choice.
Aunt Charlie’s
133 Turk, SF
(415) 441-2922

Spring Hook-up
Consider Eclipse the monthly Lion’s Club dinner for kinky women and trans-people. The get together fundraises, supports like-minded artists, and demos new toys of interest for their community of pervs -- all in the luxe dungeon place space of the SF Citadel. So frolick away, you’re building your networks while you do so.
Fri/7 8 p.m.- 1 a.m., $25 for members (free for volunteers)
SF Citadel
1277 Mission, SF
(415) 626-1746

Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling
Has the change in seasons brought out some new proclivities in your BDSM fantasy fold? Try out a new role, a new scene, and a nice new ruffled tuxedo shirt or prom dress at the Citadel’s role-reversing square dance of clamps and corsages.
Sat/8 8 p.m.- 1 a.m., $25 for members (free for volunteers)
SF Citadel
1277 Mission, SF
(415) 626-1746

There’s nothing sexier than a lusciously pelted man singing into the head of a microphone. So whether it’s slow jams, epic ballads, or gruff, furry roars that get you going, head down to Powerhouse for some exhibitionist fun.
Sun/9 7 p.m., free
1347 Folsom, SF
(415) 552-8689